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I've linked this to various friends and the response has been in unison "this is lovely, i wish there was more". :)

Hm. It appears if my very first step is to move to the right, the game works (or at least starts to work), otherwise it just breaks.

Is the player supposed to start at the bottom of the screen with invisible obstactles being in the room?

Notes on what the controls are would be useful too. :)

The explore bit in the desc made me think i'd at least end up with some control, but like 10 minutes in and it's still just static geometry scrolling past, as if i'm watching the longest entry of the pc demo compo at a demoscene party.

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[...] :)

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Ah, i was using the 1.0 apk, using 1.10 from google play store has the button. :)

Edit: I guess i should mention the reason i didn't earlier check for a newer android version was that i looked at the page of the game on here above, and it said version 1.0, which was the same as the file i had, so it never occurred to me to search for it on the google play store nor even think it might have a newer version there.

Ah, double pebkac. Thanks for the answer and many sorries for the confusion.

My primary language is not english, and i was tired, so the simple "Unseen Text" checkbox (without warning) registered mentally as the opposite.

For the save data, when i tried doing that, i hit "stop app" before attempting to delete which caused it to cancel collecting storage usage stats and just show zeroes across the board.

As for the double menu button though, in the mobile app the menu button simply doesn't exist in the menu screen.

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Had a good time on my first run through, on Android and love it.

However on subsequent runs things went awry. I used the double right arrow button to do what i thought would be skipping things I'd seen, but it seemed to fast forward through unseen stuff too? It's very unclear. Then i tried to delete my save to verify, but on Android you can't? And there's also no way to get back to the main menu once a game is going?

I'd like to see the other end without missing stuff, but i think right now that's only possible if i also slowly tap through everything repeatedly. :(

Excellent, thank you! Really neat little tool. :D

Any chance you could have the seconds counter show the preceding 0 for 0-9? :)

Ah, quite smart solution, i'm impressed. :D

Also, almost forgot to mention: The filling buttons were one of my favourite design decisions.

Dang, that was quick! Thanks for the technical explanation too, that was unexpected. :)

I don't understand it completely, but it sounds like you use arrays to store numbers in order to avoid issues with big numbers?

Looks like i found a little bug:

Really digging the aesthetics though, and even the balancing is nice. :)