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A member registered Mar 08, 2016

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made it to level 11 I think(i plan on going back and finishing it out)

It plays well and is challenging without just being angering. im not sure what other feedback you may be looking for,

I have not made it to the beautiful colorful levels yet but the game feels very fluid and looks great, I dont like the crouch/jump feel but only because im not used to it. feels kinda sluggish.

runs great on HTC M9, looks clean too. I haven't tried all the modes just yet but keep up the good work,

for as simple as it is the controls feel very fluid. are you going for a papermario/animal crossing vibe? I think its great, just curious about what the big goal is with the game?

I think i'm gonna throw up. motionsick/10

that being said. tons of fun. needs multiplayer racing.

I don't think I ever saw you post this but its an enjoyable puzzle game. would be great on mobile as well. I like the simple design, whats the rest of the plan?

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I wish I had more critique, but I dig the artstyle, the writing is solid, even the quality is there so the only thing its really lacking is content. I can be more specific if there were things that you were concerned about. p.s. why such a dark game?