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I recorded all the sfx, my gf did some of the female character sounds. all sounds made from scratch!

I thought you had died, will try demo SOON:tm:

This looks great, are you making this for fun or planning on releasing it?

What format is it all in? .ogg is typically reasonable on file size without raping the sound.

223MB, tell me why its so big and then I will download

Starting up in a bit, thanks for the submission!

I sure hope that dracula was able to escape his weeb addiction

Happy Birthday Satan! Great game, 10/10

Scary as shit!

Link back to your LD page plz

it does end after a 3~4min song, you got the bad end by quitting. I rate your playthrough 0/10

"10/10 would sell my firstborn to play the full version!" - IGN

even if its a bad phone camera or something Im sure people would be interested to see.

good luck, would love some footage of it working on an actual dreamcast!

What did I just play, this works on dreamcast apparently?

Its worth spending a few minutes moving around in, I don't think there is any problems I could mention that you don't already know about. the control scheme is kinda wacky and could benefit from a shift/zxcv/space/arrow keys scheme or something similar. I like the way it feels otherwise and can't wait to see what it turns into.

I like tower defense but haven't played in years. The lighting is stiff(plain) but the game itself is a tower defense game. I do like the fantasy theme and think you made it work well. nothing in here that time and polish won't fix. good job!

the damn buttons are buggy, enjoyed playing it but I'm dumb and messed up on the last swings a few times. the swing feels pretty good, but the aiming felt weird. maybe just browser related?

Make sure you've grabbed the coin before going to the machine. the coins are how many tries you've got left!

made it to level 11 I think(i plan on going back and finishing it out)

It plays well and is challenging without just being angering. im not sure what other feedback you may be looking for,

I have not made it to the beautiful colorful levels yet but the game feels very fluid and looks great, I dont like the crouch/jump feel but only because im not used to it. feels kinda sluggish.

runs great on HTC M9, looks clean too. I haven't tried all the modes just yet but keep up the good work,

for as simple as it is the controls feel very fluid. are you going for a papermario/animal crossing vibe? I think its great, just curious about what the big goal is with the game?

I think i'm gonna throw up. motionsick/10

that being said. tons of fun. needs multiplayer racing.

I don't think I ever saw you post this but its an enjoyable puzzle game. would be great on mobile as well. I like the simple design, whats the rest of the plan?

I wish I had more critique, but I dig the artstyle, the writing is solid, even the quality is there so the only thing its really lacking is content. I can be more specific if there were things that you were concerned about. p.s. why such a dark game?