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Toss the DotsView game page

A puzzle game with dots and squares
Submitted by Kvrepo — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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You're feedback is most welcome, and I'm glad you have enjoyed it. You have pointed to two things, which I was also thinking about. I was hesitating that instead of an introduction screen, maybe I should include some simple levels each with a new hazard or obstacle. I've also asked the question, if there should be multiple solutions for a level or not. With more open options, there's always a chance, that the player might just press the buttons until they find just happen to solve the puzzle. I'm still thinking which approach should I take in the two cases mentioned above. I'm happy that you have pointed them out, and have gave me some direction. I don't want to write a blog here, but basically this was the reason why I started this game in the first place. It has a pretty basic core on the surface, but it gives me a good opportunity to study and experiment with level design, player teaching, difficulty balance and so on.


Nice work! I like puzzle games of this sort. I beat all 7 levels. I think you're onto a good concept here. #6 was the hardest, and provided a nice eureka moment. Suggestions: Use the puzzles to teach players the rules! It is better than having text up front. Not every puzzle needs to blow a persons mind. Next, because of the way the game works there is a tendency to just explore the possibility space until you stumble upon the solution. Currently a lot of it can be trimmed away, leaving a small range of solutions. When a puzzle is solved in this way, it is not particularly satisfying. The game clearly has the potential to provide players moments of revelation and mental leaps. It's your job to deliver that.



I'm relatively new to, so sorry if I can not find the feature which makes me reply directly to you. I've posted progress, and I've even used the hash tag on Tumblr, got some feedback and advice, which was implemented to the demo. However, as you can see, this is not the kind of game which you can post about every other day. That's why I'm really happy for Demo Day, since this is the only time when I can get feedback on the game play itself and about the puzzles. I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed the game, and I'm more than glad that you've liked the design. I'm no artist, so even this took a lot of effort, but it was a good lesson. Some anon also suggested a mobile port. I wasn't thinking about it before, but I'm sure I would earn a lot of experience with that. My plan for now is to add more levels, 20 in total at minimum, and then give it a rest and move to something else (maybe to something more progress post worthy).

I don't think I ever saw you post this but its an enjoyable puzzle game. would be great on mobile as well. I like the simple design, whats the rest of the plan?