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Weeb DraculaView game page

And the hole he's desperately trying to get out of!
Submitted by Renoki — 17 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline

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Fun concept, i tried to beat the game without the "easy win button" and i was stuck most of the time by pile of boxes, after a while i realize i can destroy it with "triple shot" but then i think it would be more interesting if you can kick the boxes in the next square without destroying, like for score you had to preserve your collection and destroy less box possible while shooting at your minion to get exp, sometime while falling the boxes bounce so high that seems fun to jump on it, it could be translated in some "advance technique", all the feedback are aimed if you are going to make it a sequel to this style of game. Also i notice the naruto run 10/10.

I sure hope that dracula was able to escape his weeb addiction

Fun little minigame. No idea if you'll come back to it in the future, but here's some comments anyway

  • Having menu advancement tied to 'any key' is annoying, since I accidentally skipped the final screen by trying to jump
  • More spread on the 'x' shot would be nice. You have to inch into enemy lasers to hit them with it.
  • Enemy lasers sometimes fire before they're even visible on screen. You should check whether or not they're in the camera frustrum before their attack windup.
  • I completely forgot the 'c' button did anything. Might be nice to have a reminder when it's usable
  • Level system didn't really feel relevant except at low levels when you can't spam the 'x' button. After you pass a threshold there's no way you'll ever bottom out on mana.
  • The game doesn't do anything to force you forwards. The bountiful pickups mean that just chilling out for a bit and breaking boxes will give you enough health to tank the next few stacks.