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Innkeeper: pre-pre-alpha editionView game page

Super boring unfinished thing where you can throw stuff and go fishing
Submitted by mannewdan (@mannewdan) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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thanks guys

I think I've got some ways I can simplify the controls with picking up items and the whole inventory thing

Exploration is a big thing to take on, environment stuff is time consuming, though I do enjoy doing it... That's not the first time I've heard that though and I've been thinking of ways I could make it work without blowing up the scope, but idk


I have to agree with Preece. The controls does not feel natural. If you are going for a humble concept with this graphics, more people will give it a try than you think. It's so sad to see when someone picks up a seemingly fun game, but they end up frustrated and stressed out because they don't understand how they are supposed to communicate with the game, or what the game want them to do.

The other thing Preece mentioned is the overall concept. There's nothing wrong with it, I think, however it's just so good to look at your world. The water, the people, the fish, the grass, everything is so nice and welcoming, that it begs for a bigger world than just an inn and it's surroundings.

Other than this, keep up the good work! The world is in need for more calm and relaxing games.


Feels great! The way the camera works is really smart, I like it. The controls are pretty good, but could potentially be simplified. I would prefer to just click on items to pick them up, clicking then hitting E feels a little clunky. Consider one click to select an item, a second to pick it up. Hell, you could even drop the wasd entirely and use the mouse to click to your destination. WASDQE + Mouse1 + Mouse2 feels like too much for what you're trying to accomplish here. The graphics are so inviting and cute, but the complexity of the control scheme could act like a brick wall to the wide range of people this game might attract.

Also, this is just a gut feeling, but I don't see "Innkeeper" as being the ultimate realization of what you have here. I suspect there are ideas that would better compliment this aesthetic you have going.


thanks for the feedback!

paper mario was an inspiration for the characters and building transition stuff, just going for comfy and cute though

"run an inn" is the goal, if it ends up being fun early on I'll give it some depth

Feels smooth, want to play more, but I can't help but finish with cute heroin sad...

for as simple as it is the controls feel very fluid. are you going for a papermario/animal crossing vibe? I think its great, just curious about what the big goal is with the game?


Gib stick of fire for easy fishing, if it's there I can't find it after doing a victory lap. Also lighting guests on fire is more entertaining than it should be.