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​Getting ready for demo day
Submitted by Veld (@velddev) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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@Preece I've reworked the walljumping system alot of times, and you cannot go back to the wall, other than that you can still do anything you want. I'm most comfortable working with unity, and i've tried getting a pixel camera working, i'll see if i can improve that. Thanks, your sprites were a huge inspiration for my first game 6 months ago.

@Wabbaboy I know the UI bugs for some reason, i just have to find out why. hehe.

@SpaceDogGames I've taken notice of this door bug, i'll fix it soon, currently in my exams, so i kind of lacked time.


The sprites are cute, good work on that. But there are some problems. First off, the pixels are all blurry from Unity. I agree with @SpaceDogGames, Unity is likely not the right choice for this project. Second, they shift around strangely as I move. The camera lurches and pops. The controls can be much better. Running is fine. The jump height and speed feels good, but you slow down when you jump and when you land. Not sure if it's intentional. The wall climbing can definitely be improved a lot. When you do it, your control of the character is virtually taken away. That doesn't feel good.

You clearly have an interesting vision, and there is a certain mood you are beginning to develop here. But you need to resolve the technical issues of control and presentation before that will really start to come through. Keep it up.


Played on Windows, the interface looked screwed up for some reason, the thing in the corner with the TASKS was cut, like out of the screen. And when I got to the door some text apparently appeared, I heard the sound of the text but no textbox whatsoever appeared.

I tried to play it on window mode instead of fullscreen but it didn't fix it.


Unity seems a strange choice for a pixel platformer. Also had a bug where interacting with the first door while pressed up against it froze me in place. Sprites are cute, though