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A game about a city
Submitted by Middry — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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Atmosphere is at a level where I want mine to be, fantastic. Suggestions:

  • Make walking close the 'alt' dialogue box
  • Give 'Enter' the 'alt' button function, it's more intuitive as you press 'enter' to submit commands
  • Allow short versions of commands: "Take" = {Take, t}, "Look for items" = {LFI, look, find...}
  • Change the font
  • Show flavour messages on invalid text entry: "take bag" where there's no bag = "I can't see a bag"/"I can't reach it".
  • I'd prefer to talk to people by bumping into them when possible - like the first guard guy encounter
  • Text auto-completion for inventory items; terminal like behaviour in general would be great
  • Diagonal movement
  • Inventory items text is too dark
  • Non black-barred full screen
It's going to be great/10

The atmosphere is excellent. The art style, animations, grainy texture filter, the music and sounds, all wonderful. Controls feel pretty good. Diagonal movement could be good. I forgot about left-alt and then was totally stranded, unsure what to do next after I picked up my bag. I had to restart the game to see what I missed. When you hold left or right, hitting up or down doesn't overwrite that. Takes a second to see where the new text starts, wish the most recent text was highlighted somehow. Going in houses is awesome, that's a great idea.

Keep going with this, it's already very cool, and I feel compelled to explore the town more. Do this game justice!

Looking forward to this game. Really good start, pretty nice subtle tutorial, though list of all commands is lacking. I really like the text input mechanics and combination of top-down and sidescroll view. Art is great, and sound design adds to the mood. I wish there were 'Toggle run/walk' command, it will be useful in large areas.


Nice start, the art is pretty good. A command list in game would be useful (unless there is one and I missed it). Also, having the player move in the direction of the last key pressed, rather than the direction priority it has now, would make movement a bit nicer. I can see a sprint option being useful once more areas of the city open up, too.