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That is... a very good point, old habits die hard i guess? Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Oh, i'm a sucker for puzzle games, and this is a very nice one, not much to comment on the gameplay loop itself, i loved it, however i would very much like that a fail/restart would not wipe away all of my signs, wish i could just remove one and try again and that the game would tell me that i could go through signs. Also the camera could follow the knight after the play, but that one is nitpick. All in all this is very solid and very fun, props to you!

Hey, that's pretty good! A bit too simplistic maybe, but honestly quite impressive, a good take on the theme, and when the roads would desync or be linked i found it really fun! Maybe the one thing that would push this over the edge would be if there were some roads that came from the other side as well, or maybe some that were curved to be a bit harder to correctly gauge the distnce. All in all i really like this, think you did a great job here, congrats!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the last one feels very cheap, i just left it like that because the game is pretty small already, but it's great to know that you didn't like that and also the reason, it helps a lot!

Very well made! Loved the idea of defining the path and having to stick by it, it was a great way to approach the theme.  Would like to see a release of this with a bit more flair and a bit more options like making them stay a bit at certain points of the route before continuing on. Also, i think it would be best to not have small square starts and stick to the long ones from level 4 and such, otherwise this becomes a very funny and real possibility! I had a blast playing, very well done!

This is great! It really gives me vibes of puzzle games i love like A Little to the Left and Unpacking, but it's beautifully it's own thing. It's obviously a bit too simple being that it was made in 48h, but it was made so well, everything looks and plays so nicely. With a bit more gameplay and dialogue and different scenarios... this could really be a full release, this is amazing, congratulations on the amazing project!

Thanks! Our artist worked really hard, we're super proud of how it looked!

I wanted it not to be 100% obvious, but being a jam game I didn't want it to be terribly difficult as well.  Thanks a lot for the comment!


Thank you for playing! Keybindings are always a point of contention, we wanted to let you choose which button layout you wanted but didn't have time to get that working unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoyed it!

Wow, this was a brilliant take on the theme, it works both thematically and mechanically very well, shame you only had 12h, if you had more time to polish this idea this would be an absolute grand slam. But as it stand it's already extremely cool and fun, levels are nice, the double backs solid sloth does cracked me up, the fast forward sound effect was funny. With a more toughtful presentation and a bit more time to work on new mechanics and ways to help sloth i can really see this being a full release, very well made, i had a lot of fun!

Yeah, that bug was super annoying, probably just a sorting layer problem, it wasn't happening in the editor, and when we caught it on the built version the submissions were closed already xD Thanks a lot for the thoughtful feedback, means a lot!

Thanks a lot! That is important feedback, I'll try and find ways to communicate better what the mechanic was supposed to be inside the game itself in future oportunities. Glad you enjoyed it!

Damn, this is amazing. Loved the more literal approach to the theme by itself, and what an elegant implementation of it. The uses of status swaps and DoT effects and limiting the use of each while still making sure you can't just idle while on the other body... this is genius. And the art is silly but actually very very good and well made, the soud design is very nice (although a volume slider would be great, the volume is a bit high for me). This could honestly be the basis for a full fledged turn rpg combat system if worked on a bit more, i'm super impressed by all of it, really, congrats on an amazing entry!

Neat idea! Going for a simpler game was very nice, because everything feels very straightforward and nicely done, it's very fun to play! Just a feedback, sometimes the UI covers the marks of where the shot is going and i seem to lose a heart out of nowhere, and overall colors could be better for visibility, but since the background is dark overall it doesn't strain the eyes nor it feels bad to play. Congrats on the entry, it's great!

Fun theme! It plays a bit too much exactly like a heist game, but it's still a very creative and fun take on the theme, i really liked it! I guess objects could cut a bit more line of sight and maybe the character could walk just a tiny bit faster, but still very impressive entry, the presentation is great as well, looks cute, animation flows nicely, the rooms are quite pretty for how simple everything is, this is great, congrats on the great project!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the feedback as well!

Thank you so much for playing! The last fire thing, much like the first, also has a button to disable it, but I was feeling mischievous and hid the button that deactivates it in a different part of the map, it not very close to that fire at all :p  Thanks for the kind words, glad you had fun with it!

This was so cool, i loved it! I figured a lot of games in this jam would go for some sort of "boss kills hero" but this was the best of them i've seen yet! The using the hand to protect yourself and the large array of attacks really did it for me, makes the player really feel like the boss of the game and not just a re-skin of being the main character against a boss. My only criticism would be that there should be a global cooldown besides each ability's own cooldown, because as it stands i focused on defending and just mashed 1 through 9 back and forth. Also the presentation is top notch, it's very well made and has a lot of personality to boot, very pretty and recognizable, i think you did an amazing job with this game, congrats!

Other than being a bit too easy it was a very cool game! looks and plays nice, i loved that the low health minions come back for heals, i think the best would be to have more high cooldown minions and/or have each minion be a bit more special in some kind of way. But as it stands it already plays very nicely! would be super hard to make those kinds of interactions in the span of the game jam, but if that's something you would develop further i think it's a nice think to look for. Anyway, amazing job here, congrats!

Oh wow, this is really cool. It was a very smart and funny take on the theme, extremely well done! The only feedback I have is that holding the button down to move, besides having a little stutter, does not move in diagonals. But then again, these thing can be very hard to get right in just 48h, fantastic job on this, congrats!

It's not a very fun to play game in the sense that it pretty much just feels like blocking does nothing and i just have to attack with every monster and pass turn, but then again, the time constraint of a jam often does that. It's a neat idea though, especially the part of the hero leveling up, there could be something real cool here. Also it looks really good, i loved the way the monsters look and it all seems to fit really well with each other, great job on the game!

This is absolutely brilliant, love the way the puzzles work, as well as the visualization, i think if the line updated in real time as you write would be a tiny bit less of a challenge, but would be a major quality of life improvement. The puzzles are neat, i love games that let you figure out the rules on your own such as Taiji or The Witness, and it was done beautifully here. I'd be super excited about a full release of this, it's a great idea executed amazingly!

The concept is simlpy brilliant, feels very fresh and smart, i think it would work a lot better as a full on puzzle game than an action platformer, just give all the shots the player needs at the start and make them figure out the pattern, regaining a shot is very cheeseable as someone already mentioned, but i would like to add you simply don't have enough time to play the way it seems you intended, also if there was a way to make the beats sound better toghether the vibe of the game would be even more incredible. Overall i think this is an incredible idea, very well done, congrats!

It was very simple, not much going on, just a little cool platforming game, well done but nothing too special. The art style itself was very cool, and worked in tandem with the little story you had going on, this child-like hand drawing style looks very cool and was done really really well, it was very fun to play through! Great entry, well done!

It's a neat idea! At it's current state it's a bit janky and hard to control, i'd also add that when i switched to the leg the ball just continued rolling and fell from the first stage, and the camera is shaky and gave me a mild headache. But with that feedback out of the way i wanted to say that this feels like a really cool concept! it's a nice twist on the platforming genre, character switching was already done but the theme here is good, to build yourself back together and what not. With some level design to force interaction between the mechanics this has some serious promise! Very cool, well done c:

My biggest problem with it was not having a line to guide where i was placing my towers and not being able to adjust them, also the spin seemed fixed and slightly of axis with most of the enemy route. Other than that it's pretty solid, numbers are a bit skewed but it happens specially in a jam, i had quite some fun with it, i think it was really well made, good job!

Cool "flip upside down" game, works very well as a proof of concept and there's a lot of potencial, but at it's current state, with just the two orbs to dodge and 4 crystals to collect it feels very lacking. But that's what jam games are, so i do think there's a lot of potential here and like a lot where this is going, the pixelated style is also very cute and well done, congratulations for the entry, it's great!

Incredibly polished and well made, absolutely loved it, very simple but cool mechanic, nothing too fancy going on but everything is done extremely well, like others i tought some parts were a bit too tight and unforgiving, but didn't hold me up for more than 5 minutes, it was really really cool, incredible job!

Fun game! First of all i really liked the hand drawn art style, reminds me of stuff like don't starve or our darker purpose, it's stylish and very well made. On the gameplay side of thing it's solid too, works well, feels good to play even though it feels restrictive to only be able to shoot at cardinals if i can run and shoot at the same time to angle a shot, I do think that this would work better as a goal oriented game like a roguelike or metroidvania of sorts, with this game pace it gets repetitive quickly if you're not going for a boss or something like that. Also a "win state" check could be good, even though I survived all the waves the game over screen said i "fell" at wave 7. Also could benefit a lot from a variety of enemies but that's how jams are most of the time, can't pack everything in :p Overall it's a great entry, i really liked it i think it was very well made, great job to all involved!

What a nice and engaging tower defense game, extremely well done, very fun, challenging and pretty, overall an incredible entry, had a lot of fun playing it, my only feedbacks would be to make the water clearer to see and have a shortcut to detach all cables, sometimes is just unfeasible to walk all the way around the screen, and i feel a "detach all" could be fun because sometimes you need some cables that are far stay connected and would make for intersting decision making. Great job everyone involved!

Absolutely! I don't know which bit of code caused that but i found that when i hold a direction to move in for a little while it just stops working, and i have to release and press again, also the jump feels waaaaaaaay too heavy, gmtk has a video called "the secret of mario's jump" which goes into some verbs like this a little, could be a great watch to see what you're going for! Other than that the dash feels great but its also like a float instead of a dash since it has a regular speed throughout the entire dash, but this one didn't really impact gameplay of felt bad at all, just a tiny bit off. The rest was most presentation and lack of animations, but this being a game jam it's 100% understandable, i couldn't get as many animations as i wanted in mine as well :p  i do hope you take this forward, i like the way you think and are open to feedback, thanks for listening and good luck with whatever you choose to do!

I don't particularly mind that you didn't stick to the literal sense of the theme, it was cool that you took kind of a way around, and the game does look cool visually, and functionally it works very well, feels good to control and the space between everything is alright, but the dificulty feels very artificial, nothing is faster or stronger, it's just more and more of them, which in it of itself is not really a problem, but the boss is static and that load of minions go in between him and you, and you have no real way of positioning so they aren't, you just gotta blast through, and it starts to feel like a "spam the button to win". My suggestion would be either leting the player move around more so we could go around minions or make the boss move sometimes too, so it's not too cluttered around him. All in all a solid and fun entry, i did like it when i was playing, very well done, congrats!

Very simple and actually quite fun, it's a bit frustrating at times though, specially having to eyeball the distance between the squares when the gates are far away from where you can separate them. Perhaps some kind of indicative would be nice, also I loved the idea of a bouncy one and a regular one, makes for a cool twist, it was kinda cumbersome to control the bouncing ball. Did love the way it looks, it's simple but eye catching, the neon color scheme and simple shapes was a nice call. Overall a very fun and solid entry, i really enjoyed it, congrats!

I this current state it's not very enjoyable, it's a bit of a wonky execution, but honestly? It's an amazing idea, i was actually sad to see it was so short becuse as soon as i pushed the first yellow block I was already hooked, thinking of all that could be done with that simple mechanic, could be and incredible puzzle/platformer game with a good level design. But this works as a fun proof of concept and it's really really cool! Great job dude

Very fun! Lovely take on the sliding block puzzles genre, the puzzles are nice, the dificulty ramps up nicely, it looks and sounds very good! I liked it a lot, very solid entry!