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Nicely done, it got me invested into the story even though it's short and unfinished. Can't wait to read the rest when it get released.

Final Update

I submitted the game. I didn't take it as far as I intended, there is still a lot to add, but I learned a lot of things and lots of fun making the game and meeting other jammers, you're great guys.

For now I'll be taking a short break from game dev, I'll probably start playing games others have submitted.

I'll still be working on developing this game just not immediately.

Day 13

Wow, it's getting tight with time. Plus having stuff IRL isn't helping.

Today I did:

  • Some things I had to finish with the unit scripts
  • A basic:
    • Main Menu (with some intro text)
    • Game Over Screen (now you can lose when you run out of supplies)
    • End of Day Screen
  • Miscellaneous background code
  • Pause functionality

Also I got some nice music made by mbg180, here's a link if you want to check it out:

The floor is water.... Sorry I had to. :P But still looking nice.

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Day 12

Damn three more days till the end, time to start panicking.

As for today, after rewriting most of the functionality for units movement with pathfinding seems to be working now. Here that gif that I promised.

This was the last mechanic that I planed to include for the duration of the jam, except for including objects like that box in the middle of the building into pathfinding calculations, who knows I might fix this before the jam ends, if not then you'll just have to pretend that it's normal to walk through an object until I fix it post-jam.

Now the next things to work on are:

  • Level Design
    • Spawn points
    • Placing items around
    • Placing objects around (tables, chairs, beds, etc.)
  • More Items
  • More Guns
  • Music
  • Main Menu and/or Title Screen
  • Game Over Screen
  • Some kind of tutorial or intro
  • Maybe some sprites for units

Nice, you got a lot finished, by all means post what you have for the jam, but I'll also be happy to play the final version when it's done.

Oh man, I love the art.

Hey, if you need some help with enemy generation I might be able to help you a bit. You can contact me on Discord, I've got the same username as here.

Nice, haven't checked in a few days but the progress here is awesome, and art great, it looks even better after you drew the backgrounds.

P.S. The sky is really realistic looking.

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Oh wow, I wasn't really checking other devlogs until now since I was busy on my game, but decide to see what others are doing and one of the first things I come across is this. Man the game looks super fun already, I'll be sure to play it when you release a demo or submission.

Thanks, I'm happy that you're enjoying reading this devlog.

Thanks, I've most of the major game mechanics down so there will probably be a demo ready soon.

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Day 11

And here is today's update. I worked on:

  • UI
  • Pathfinding

First I thought some more about music, looking through all kinds of tracks online, and I'm also having someone help me with making the music (well they're doing the making part, I'm just listening to it).

Then sometime later I started cracking on the UI. Making one of those is really a nightmare, stuff just doesn't do what you tell it to, for some reason there's that weird 6 pixel margin on the left side of screen that I cannot get rid of and adding new parts is really tiring. Then after deciding to watch a tutorial and it seemed like it made sense now, everything was working as intended, that pesky margin was gone. But then I clicked on the maximize window button and everything broke apart. I looked for some tutorials about this and tried following them. Nope, still broken.




Lets turn that off for now, I'll return to it ... someday.

Anyway after the UI, I went to work on pathfinding and that went well, I used the AStar node that Godot has and made a script that automatically scans the tilemap and picks tiles that are walkable and makes a graph, and now I can get a good path between any two points on the map, as long as the path exists.

I would give you guys a screenshot of how this works, but since I changed the input that goes into the script that control unit movement, it's now broken. (T_T)

That's all for today.

P.S.  I added raycast tests so that units don't try to shoot through walls.

Day 10

Yeah I kind of forgot to post for day 10, but I didn't do much anyway, just some contemplation about the game music. I'm think of having two soundtracks one for during battles and the for other situations. There will at least be a battle soundtrack, and I really wanted to use some action-pumped music, but then again, this is a kind of game where you hold out in a fort and enemies come charging at you, so maybe I'll later make an action game that will get your blood boiling from adrenaline.

Thanks, I'm trying my best, even though there were a few days where I didn't do much, but still I'm happy with how it's going.

Day 9

After being on a family trip during days 7 and 8 it's good to get crunching on the game again. This was what I was able to finish yesterday:

  • The equipment system is functioning, there are still some minor details to deal with but the majority of it is done
  • The same can be said for the resource system
    • There is a central storage where everything must be hauled
    • and there are resource items that can be scavenged and brought back
    • at the end of the day resources are consumed
  • The player units can now:
    • be selected
    • moved
    • they can change equipment
    • and can collect resources (supplies)


There is also a minor change in the UI:

  • The two swords now represent remaining waves in the current day, and the hourglass is used to show how much time is left till the wave
  • also a new panel was added on the left that shows the information of the selected unit

Day 6

What I did:

  • I reworked the UI
  • Added some infrastructure code in the background for resources, their consumption, day cycle
  • Desaturated dirt and grass sprites and removed some of the noise from them

What I plan to do next (although I might be too busy tomorrow to do it):

  • Work on player units
    • Make them selectable
    • Allow to change equipment
    • Allow to relocate the unit in game
  • Add resources on the map that can be "scavenged", etc. supplies hidden in other building, or lying near dead enemy soldiers
  • Add more equipment, right now there is only the pistol available
  • Maybe work a bit on the player AI (things like target a certain type of unit)
  • And some time later begin work on vehicles (for starters a transportation truck and something armored)

Here's a screenshot of how it looks right now

The idea sounds fun, can't wait to try it out. Also those are some cool graphics.

Enemy Commander: Soldiers, charge!

Enemy Soldiers: B-but sir, he's got one glorious mustache, how can we even beat him.

Day 5

I wasn't able to put much hour into working on the game today, but I made some progress on making the game map and I'm trying to make it as similar to the actual location where the story took place as possible.

For day 5 I'll do some world building, mainly placing down buildings and streets. If there is enough time then I'll start work on the resource system. Only later on in development process will the pathfinding system be revisited.

When I started making this game I didn't really know whether to make a top-down game or 2.5D (isometric) one, heck I'd actually want to try making both of those, but thinking about it for some time, it might be better to make a top-down style game for this jam and I can always revisit this idea and make a 2.5D game, or even bump it up to a 3D one, who knows. But for now I'm making a top-down game.

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Day 3 and Day 4

I wanted to post an update in here about my progress with pathfinding, but it is one hard nut to crack. I was able implement a functional system but it's still rough in the edges. Here are some gifs of how it works.


I didn't actually implement walls and such so just pretend that you don't see bullets going over those concrete blocks. :P
Also should I do walls that are like in those gifs (similar to games like RimWorld) or maybe do 2.5D walls, something like this (btw the picture isn't mine):

Thanks for the advice. Aseprite looks like an useful tool I'll check it out.

Awesome, and the 3D view looks really great, how did you make it?

Day 3 - Update 1/2

Almost forgot to post what I have done. These are the current assets that I have in use:

That thing in the bottom left corner is supposed to be a sandbag cover, but I'll probably redraw it.

These are the placeholder sprites from day 1.

Well as for the last few hours I've been thinking about how to do path-finding, so thats what Update 2 is going to be about.

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They're both good looking and fun games, the second one could use a bit more content or harder levels, but it's still good, especially considering how quickly you made them. Btw, those blue blocks on level 3 of 3D Block Faker caught me off-guard. XD

Here we go Day 3.

Today I'm going to try to do some pixel art, mainly tiles and objects in the environment, and just going to say that I have no idea what I'm doing. XD

So if anyone has some suggestions, recommendations or any articles or tutorials that they found helpful, I'd appreciate it if you shared some with me.

P.S. Since I got a good grip on the programming side of things, my goal is to try to get better at making art for games, That's why I'm delaying having to use free assets from Internet as much as possible.

Omg, those are some complex routes. Btw, the concepts sounds interesting.

Day 2

Today was a busy day.

Work done:

  • now each weapon type has its own range inside of which it can fire
  • enemies now move towards nearest target if nobody is in range
  • new friendly units can be placed with a button or a key shortcut
  • and enemies now spawn in waves, for now every 5 seconds
    • getting them spawn in random locations around a spawnpoint was a bit hard, they just seem to cluster together

Day 1

Since I forgot to post yesterday's progress I'll do it now.

Things I got working:

  • a simple tileset
  • friendly units and enemies, they can shoot each other but not their own
  • health & healthbars, damage, death on zero health

Things I'm working on today:

  • weapon range (so you don't have a guy with a pistol snipping you from the other side of the map XD)
  • some basic enemy ai (like go towards nearest enemy if nobody is in range)
  • placing friendly units
  • and maybe enemies spawning in waves

Btw, I'm working in Godot and find the Top-Down Tank game tutorial on youtube to be rather useful for making this game.

Thanks :D

Hi guys, this is the first jam that I joined. The game that I'll be making is called Pavlov's House and is based on story from WW2, here's a Wikipedia link if anyones interested.

As for the mechanics it will be kinda like a mashup between tower defense and survival games, where enemies will come at you from all sides in waves and you will have to defend against them while managing your limited resources.

Goals for this jam:

  • Implement one level with waves and only one kind of soldier & enemy
  • Implement basic resource management (ammo, food, water)
  • Have fun and maybe meet someone :D

I'll be working on this game even after the jam ends but those are the things I plan to finish for the jam.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Milan. I'm a newbie game dev, have a couple of years of experience with programming but have always wanted to get into game making.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

This is my first jam of any kind.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Age of Empires series, Stronghold Crusader, and many other strategy games, I also like city building games like SimCity 4 and Cities: Skylines.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Not much.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Gaming, programming, manga/anime, good stories.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

I joined this jam to get into game making and met new people.