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Eternal waves

A topic by MPLF created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 150 Replies: 9
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This will be my first game jam and I really hope that I can complete what i have set myself.

My game is called Eternal Waves. In it's current form it i an Endless runner with a small quirk to challenge myself. At the moment it is being progammed in Stencyl which I haven't worked with before

I have some programming knowledge and I have made a couple of small games in the past, however I am pretty bad at art so i may use a couple of external textures/Sprite. I am pretty good at music so I will make that(hopefully).

I hope to update this log at least every other day


an endless runner is a solid design for a game to be scoped in two weeks--do you have any updates to share?

I've been busy so I haven't been able to work on it

Eternal waves is about a fish trying to avoid other fish and keep the seas clean of monsters.

Day 1(unfortunately):

I've made all the sprites and images but 1 I need for the game in its current state. I haven't been able to do the coding yet due to the issues above.

Post some of your concept work here - I'm sure everyone would love to see dev work :) 

Here's an image so far(i'm least happy with the background so that may change).

Day 2:

I've finished working on the player movement script but i'm having trouble generating the enemies. I'm also now working in Unity 18.2 instead of Stencyl.

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Here's my current checklists.

  • Create BG art done
  • Create player sprite done
  • Create Enemy Sprites made some
  • Scroll the BG
  • Move player into 3 slots done
  • Generate enemies randomly into 3 slots stuck
  • Move enemies towards the player.
  • Create Title Screen
  • Add scoring system
  • add "You sunk!" screen
  • Create music

If anyone can help with the enemy generation that would be wonderful.

Also any feedback would be great


Hey, if you need some help with enemy generation I might be able to help you a bit. You can contact me on Discord, I've got the same username as here.

Thanks. I'll see if I can contact you a bit later

Day 3:

I've completed the enemies scripts(with some help from mikister). I forgot collision so i'n going to need to add that. I've now started working on the music and the menu.

  • Create BG art done
  • Create player sprite done
  • Create Enemy Sprites made some
  • Scroll the BG
  • Move player into 3 slots done
  • Generate enemies randomly into 3 slots done
  • Move enemies towards the player.  done
  • new Add colisions
  • Create Title Screen and all ui
  • Add scoring system coded but not displayed
  • add "You sunk!" screen
  • Create music started