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Updated 5 - Last one for the night 

  • Player Controls are finally functioning
  • Player on-boarding prompt implemented
  • Wall collisions are in, though I might have to take an optimization pass at this towards the end 
  • Learnt how to assign a Boolean Variable to re-orient Player character  - that might come back later to bite me on the butt as I have no clue how that worked :) 

Pretty fun game! 

My suggestion - A 'Kill-Screen' explosive to wipe out all the enemies on the screen.

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Update 4 

Phew, finally got a good part of the player controllers .. but now the player can moonwalk (facepalm.gif) 

Update 3

Completed the player’s 4 animation cycles

  • Idle 
  • Confirm
  • Walk
  • Run

wow, good work on getting you guys all organized w/ trello
and all the best 

 I'm stuck trying to figure out how to make an event play only once and then terminate it's self after it has executed the action. To the Internets! 

You game looks like a lot of fun to build! This has also peaked my interest in Twine 

Oh man, I love what you got going on here  :) so good to see how the project is evolving - cheers 

Love your character designs - quality works Niadraws! 

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Update 2 

  • Every time the layout loads - player will walk 'x' units to the right. 
  • Still working though the kinks of player controller
    Disabling the default controls and assigning one’s own variables is time consuming but rewarding. 

Next Steps 

  • Flushing out the animation sprites for Player walking 

Day 13 and counting down. 

Update 1 

  • Imported player into Construct 3 project
  • Figured out how to assign Behaviors to an object

Next Steps

  • Work on Player Controllers

Update 5
Found some help in the Construct forum on how to set up a ingame FPS counter to solve my last question.


Also started working on the hero character 
The frame rates on this gif looks very choppy - meh, it plays well in game so that's ok 

  • Idle - Check
  • Walk 
  • Congrats / Complete 

Cute characters - love the art direction and animation 

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Update 4 


  • Understand how to use delta-time to make a UI object fade in
  • Stop the fade effect once the UI object has reached 100% opacity 


  • Add UI object to scene
  • Set the UI object’s initial value to 0. It is invisible on the layout
  • Instruct the system that for every tick take the UI objects opacity and add 60 * dt to it. 
    This means that at 60fps, dt = 0.6   
    1st tick, Opacity = 0 + (60*0.6)   —–>36 
    2nd tick , Opacity = 36 + (60*0.6) —–> 72
    etc ..
  • Have a main condition on the events that says perform the below events as long as the UI object is not equal to 100% opacity 

Result - UI object fades in to screen! 

Observation - No clue how many FPS is this project set at. 
Cant find too much information about what is the standard FPS that C3 games run at 

suweet sauce code! Thanks - this is very insightful 

love the art style! 

So this means it even if there is a frame rate drop - the fade time will limited to the time that has been implemented? 

Update 3 


  • Initiating music to play as soon as the game loads
  • Making sure the music loads only once and keeps even when player goes to another layout scene 


  • Added the audio file to the project
  • Added a ‘Audio’ object to a placeholder scene (i.e template) 
  • Created an Global events file that will always be loaded on the top of every new ‘Event’ for the game. 

Now every time one creates a new layout, add the Global event sheet to the top. The game checks the global event and executes the events. Game find a a system command that tells it to play the audio track, with a bunch of variables assigned to it. Variables are - Loop or no loop, Volume. 

Thanks for dropping by 

I am so new to the concepts of programming and Construct3 that I couldn't even find how to lerp over time! (n00b here)
Someone on twitter did mention to 

1.Create a variable.
2.Add dt*fade speed to variable every tick.
3.Set opacity with this variable.

Im still yet to grasp that concept of dt. All in time..

Excellent resource! Thanks for sharing 

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Day 14 and counting down. 

Updated 1

  • Mind-mapped the layout using Bubbl.us  - haven't logged into that web-application since 2009. Surprisingly still pretty nifty. 
  • Complete a rough of the game layout. Nothing too complicated. I might have to bar-out access to some rooms if I run out of time during development.  
    mind-mapping Game Dev
  • Completed a bunch of warm up exercises in Construct 3

Update 2

  • Construct 3 is pretty tricky. I built some n00b code to fade in and fade out an object. 
  • This is what an C 3 events looks like if an animator is working on it

  • Got some help from a few gamedevs over at twitter who helped solve this problem and made the code more efficient 

  • The Launch Screen now looks like this

like minecrafting and red stone circuits ;)

Yay, another Construct Game Dev! 
BTW I played Chatbots and I have to say - I love your approach to game design. Everything starts unfolding as one plays along. Looking forward to your game submission 

2D animator here too! Looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff you make and animate - cheers! 

Kudos for adding Transport Tycoon on that list. I have been playing that game for over two decades and it's my Friday 'unwinding from long week of work' game, Rey :) 
So glad that there's an awesome community still supporting Open TTD 

I love Fame / Time Management games too! Looking forward to your project 

Thanks for sharing, Tayloredtotaylor! Any help is good help 
The 'fish' assets will go very well with the 'water' theme for this game jam - cheers 

:D Glad it helps - and if you are in need of any thing specific - leave a message here on this post.

Ah, good to hear that udemy has recommended course-ware. Signing up right away - cheers  

Trippy game! If you are looking for some free assets for the update - shoot me a message and I shall send you a downloadable key from my store :) 

Intergalactic Zoo looks like fun, You are one talented C2 Programmer! 
 I just started working with C3 <insert sweatingBullets.gif here> and hope i can get a hang of things 

Ah, glad to know a pixel artist is in the mix.
I've dabbed around with Asesprite. Interested with what can be done with that tool - cheers! 

Love EarthBound too! Looking forward to your game, lemonlemon

Glad you think so - cheers :) 

Good resource, thanks for sharing! 

suweet 2.5D effect! 

Howdy Folks, 

Though I'd create this thread for artists who would like to share their game art assets with the indie devs participating in #MyFirstGameJam.


Here's a bunch of quick links to some of the free ones I have made. If you are looking for more game assets - leave me a message here or on twitter 


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Thanks for organizing this Jam! I think this might be the right length for me to get the hang of a new skill and integrate that into my development pipeline. 

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hi, Im the dev over at Devil's Work.shop
I'm an experience designer with a background in animation and game art.  

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?
No, this is my first time. I was looking for a jam as a starting point to work on a game and learn more programming. 

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?
I am always intrigued by games that have strong stories (Fallout, Stanley's Parable, etc). I might not have the skills to write out a good story, but I'd like to start work on a mini story-based game.  I might make a fan-based game for giggles, so I can focus on the programming more than the content. 

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?
 I have been chipping away at learning some visual programming concepts using a bunch of tools (Scratch, The Foos) and would  like to test that skill with Construct 3. 

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!
I am hoping to be a better story teller 

6. What are your goals for this game jam?
Learn how to build / publish a game using Construct 3

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

A) Create simple, small goals to hit during this jam
B) Finish your development even if this jam is over
C) Participate in the next Jam - you only get better and faster :) 

Yes, definitely! Keep me posted on your video development - cheers 

sent you a message :)