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Hey Dawkwark - I had a small request - 

In the current version when one creates a Isometric Box,
eg Left 10, Right 15, Height 30.

The layer name of derives from those size values, but instead of the sequence being
Left, Right, Height - it re-sorts it to
Right, Left, Height 

Can you please correct this so it reads the same format i.e
Left, Right, Height 



Id be down for an early access like service to try out these tool

I am happy to continue supporting your project :) 
I'd be super excited if you think any of these two features can be made in the future

1. Change the angle of the incline when creating a cube - 

Eg - following examples 

2. Ability to make isometric cylinders out of circle 

Thank you for this very nifty tool! I hope you make more Aseprite tools! 

This looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your works here - and hey good technique on rendering all the game assets as 2d sprites :) - Cheers! 

I am using Construct 3

Yay! Glad to know - cheers

thank you and glad to hear that! If you are on twitter and have posted your tutorial,tag me and I shall retweet it  

Hmm, try this link please 
If this also does not work,  email me at help(at) 

Thanks for purchasing this Vehicle Asset Pack. I shall definitely do that! I have managed to export a set of .DAE files for the truck, but need to test this a bit more. Can you do me a favor and download this zip file and tell me if it work 
BTW which framework/engine are you using to import these .DAE files? I might have to get a copy to further test all those exported files 

Hey Skyjaz Games, I am a sucker for a good tycoon game.  If you are looking for an artist to collaborate with - leave me a message 

I appreciate a good ux breakdown like this post.
I'd like to suggest to things as this interface is completely diegetic 
1. Natural wear and tear on lever handles that are used the most frequently - this might give the player more intuitive clues 
2. levelers can cause wear and tear on the metal surface they rest on

done and done - followed you on twitter 


this looks way to cool! Sign me up for playtesting if you do have one

I stand corrected .. Hmm strange. I had made this demo and during that time my browser didn't have this feature enabled. [Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Well, I'm super glad this has been integrated! Thanks a ton for always improving the UX of 

Sounds fun! Post your game here once you are done 

And yes , feel free to modify the art to suit your game - cheers 

With the current version if a Game / Asset Pack has been sold more than once withing the same date,  the Content Creator has to click on 'View Purchases' to see all the sale made on that pack in a different screen. 

Suggested User Experience

Treat each sale from the same asset pack uniquely. This is easier for the user to grok information about all the sales that happened in one day

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UX Issue -  Un-Anchored 'Edit Text Options' 

 In the current build the 'edit text options' is not anchored

Figure 1.0 - Current UX when users Edit asset pack


UX Solution  - Anchored 'Edit Text Options' 

 Suggested User Experience In this demo, the 'edit text options' is anchored so that users can easily access these options while editing content

Figure 1.1 - Suggested UX when users Edit asset pack

  • Remove cumbersome UX to make editing description text a whole lot easier
  • UX consistency pass 


User Case Example 

 For the use case where users have a lot of Description text content, when users edit asset pack, editing the description text is a bit more cumbersome because the 'edit text options' header' scrolls off screen.

Figure 2.0 - Demo of editing text in the current version




Thanks MightyPancake! 

You're welcome! 

ah, thank you :) 

Thank Harrk! 

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Hey Harrk,
Glad you like these assets!  Ah, I've been working on and off on this theme. If you are interested in seeing / testing some early development assets - shoot me a message at -

proba esta ligazón para algúns artigos gratuítos

yup - typo

Unity can handle this font pretty well with its Test Mesh Pro feature - it wont blur / anti alias the font and the font will read clearly 

Some game IDEs convert  fonts to bitmap textures and these textures might have mipmap enabled by default. This causes the font to look blurry / anti aliased and lose it clarity. One needs to disable mipmap on that texture for the sharpest version of the font 

Once you are done make a playable demo of your game - head to the Retro Plaftormer Jame home page and hit the "Submit Your Project". Note:This link will only appear once the Jam has started. 
Hitting on that link will take you to a Submission prompt

Hit the "Upload game", and create your new project. More info on uploading your First Project


As for Game IDEs , here's a list of free and paid services, some easier than the other 

Godot Engine
Construct 3
Amazon Lumberyard
GameMaker Studio
RPG Maker
Isogenic Game Engine

Ah thanks for the detailed feedback. The images in the screenshot look anti-aliased. I've tested this in Unity and I'm certain these settings exist in Unreal too. 

- #1 The image looks crisp if the image compression is set to 'none'.  If there is a Resize Algorithm - set that too Bilinear or any thing lower for very clear art. If there is a Filter Mode - set that to 'Point' or 'No Filter'
Doing all these will make those images clean, and the UV lines will stick within it's defined area. 
- #2 I'll consider a second pass on the texture to make the pattern more repeatable for the water.
- #3 - refer 1 

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The FBX exported contain uvw coordinates and doesn't include the textures into file. Textures are imported separately, and have to be hooked up in the application / IDE. 
The FBX folder contains both PNG and TGA file for texture hookups.

Which IDE are you using for development? 

Thanks! I hope you find these very useful :) 

Thanks Raskev! 

I'd also recommend this thread with more responses

Ive been using GraphicsGale - a free pixel art program with quiet a few youtube tutorials available online. 

You can download it from here

Excellent update, ebuzzgames! The game feels more fun to play - Thanks for making such a fun little mini game
looking forward to your next one :) 

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Saw your post on r/itchio 

Here's a play-by-play of all the steps I did.      
When I hit 'Play' there was a wall of text. I didn't read though it because the game splash and this screen is designed to look so appealing that I though I'd jump into the game and figure it out. Big Mistake :)        
Once I hit the flashing right arrow, the in-game screen had quiet a bit of content to grok. The background text caught my eye, as I started reading though it I noticed the first emoji fall downwards. I was not sure if I had to do anything yet as I was still reading though the text. In a very short moment, a bunch of emojis started falling down. And before  I knew it - I hear the buzzing sound. The Emoji Life bar on the top right caught my attention and displayed one crossed out emoji. The screen cleared up for a brief second, before the second set of emojis filled the screen and I lost a second emoji life. The third try came and went really fast and and the 'High Score' screen took over.        
I hit the flashing 'replay' icon, hoping to read though the instructions this time around, but was directed back into the game.      
So here are my suggestions       
1) On the Launch Screen - you can change the text from 'Play' to 'Start'. I do love the flashing button because you have used that consistently though out all the screens and it is attention grabbing.         

2) Simplify some of the instructions - may be "Tap on these Bad Emojis" and show three of them below.       
"Let only the good emojis through" three examples below this line.
"Hit [Send]" after collecting emojis!".        
Add the "Play" button here so player knows that they are now going to start playing the game.    

3) Have a counter here so the Player can get ready. (3,2,1...)     
This will give them enough time to study the UI and figure out what's on the top right, and bottom of the screen.    

4) For the first x (where x is any number you decide) emojis appear at a slower interval, and move slowly towards the bottom of the screen.  

5) There should be sound auditory or visual feedback when you tap on a bad emoji and destroy the object. There should also be some auditory or visual feedback for all the good emojis that get collected in the message box.      

6) The first time you collect three good emojis, give the Player a little more time (either  increase the interval rate at which new emojis are created, or reduce the speed at which emojis fall)       

7) If you really want to teach the send mechanics, have three good emojis fall first, once the three emojis enter the message field, flash the 'Send' button so players figure out that mechanic. Then slowly generate a few good emojis and an occasional bad emoji for them to understand the mechanics a bit more.       

8) Id suggest moving the "Score" and emoji lives to the lower section of the screen so it does not create too much visual clutter towards the top of the screen where emojis populate at birth.       
Alternatively, you can use a opaque header behind the UI to visually separate the UI from the in-game emojis.      

9) When a bad emoji hits the message box - the message box has the X mark on it, and so does the life - both happen at the same time and both are attention grabbing. Which one do you want your player to focus on more?     Make sure that element is blinking only.        

10) Make it less punishing where the player does not lose all their good emojis collected in the message box. After all they are losing a life.    

11) I am not sure if there is a victory screen, but I did see the High Score screen a lot :P . I wish there was a button to the instructions here, just in case one needs a refresher.       

12) Credits screen has a lot of links - none of them clickable. I wonder if that is because of my adblocker plugin or it was not programmed to be clickable.  The Menu button is a bit buggy too. I had to refresh the game to get this playing again. 

Just make sure your project has is using these assets under the following License 

You are free to:

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

Under the following terms:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licencor endorses you or your use. 
Art by - Devil's Garage  ( and  Dan Huynh (

Non-Commercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

Thank you for that excellent review! My friend who is Turkish had translated your video for me :)

Absolutely! Have fun! Post some updates here too - cheers

Thanks :D