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Looks like that google drive link is not working. Can you post an updated link, plz?

That’s some really good work there GedeonTurner!

I tend to not stick to a fixed (i.e 45degrees) light source, but move the light source around to produce the visual marker I’m aiming for. The number of light sources depends on your object’s shape. Round or cylindrical objects often benefit from additional lighting to define their form. Consider using a backlight and rim lighting to achieve this. For objects that cast heavy shadows, try using an opposing light source that doesn’t cast its own shadow. This helps brighten up the dark edges and maintain readability in your pixel art.

As for the render pass - assets are exported as PNG with transparency, and no alias so it renders jagged edges. I use the default editor view so it’s easier to iterate and re-render

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I hear you. There’s more than one way to convert a 3D model to pixel art. This is how I did it, but it might not be the most efficient. For those who want a simpler approach, I’ve included some awesome tools at the end that do a fantastic job with less control over the final quality.

Here’s the process I used:

  • I started by creating the 3D asset pack itself. To make coloring easier later, I used vertex colors to differentiate the object’s faces.

  • With the models done, I used a fixed lighting and camera setup to render the objects at a desired resolution. Here’s a tip: ensure all your objects are modeled to scale with each other. Render the largest object first at your chosen resolution, then use the same resolution for the smallest prop to see if the pixel density works for your game. For mine, I went with a slightly higher resolutiion for a balance between a pixelated look and avoiding excessive blockiness.

  • Once rendered, I imported the images into my preferred pixel art tool (Aseprite in this case). Here, I made any necessary adjustments, added colors, or limited the color palette to fit the desired style.

While my method works, there are some fantastic tools that can streamline this process:

  • PixelOver: This free tool ( lets you convert images, gifs, and even 3D models into pixel art. Plus, it offers real-time animation capabilities!
  • SLyk Image2Pixel: Skip the expensive pixel art tools, here’s a free option, SLyk Image to Pixel ( does a way better job of converting images to pixel art.

sent a DM request. Chat soon.

Nice works! Do you make chiptune horror music too?

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We are thrilled to announce a major milestone! We’ve uploaded all the foundation pieces for this asset pack complete set of environment essentials: doors, windows, walls, floors, and ceilings!

This update provides all the necessary assets to kickstart your game’s prototyping phase.

For the next update, we’re considering two tracks:

  • Expand the Asset Arsenal: We can delve into creating another batch of assets to further enrich our game world.
  • UV Mapping Focus: Alternatively, we could shift our focus to UV mapping, a crucial step for texturing our 3D models.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Which path should we explore next?

I think game masterfully blends the graveyard shift genre with a captivating short story narrative. The setting is wonderfully creepy, and the story unfolds at a perfect pace, keeping me engaged.

While the controls feel responsive and polished, there are a few tweaks that I’d suggest to enhance the game play.

  • Reticle: Since the game requires precise interaction, a reticle would be helpful to show players exactly what they’re targeting.

  • Interaction Prompts: Adding context-sensitive prompts (e.g., “E to Interact”) when hovering over interactive objects would further improve clarity.

  • Accessibility: Including captions for the voice-over would make the game more accessible to a wider audience.

  • Objective Tracker: An objective list displayed on the top right corner would be a valuable addition, allowing players to quickly reference tasks without relying solely on audio instructions.

  • Minor Aesthete Note: For visual consistency, consider adjusting the door heights to match the windows.

  • Splash Screen: This would give players an option to play through the experience.

Nice work and looking forward to more games from you!

Thank you :D I had a blast working on this jam! Thank you for organizing it, Charley

That game is scary! Oh man, I died a couple of times. I need to work on my reflexes to avoid the monster.

for my reference:

Minor update

It works! Thank you :) very creepy game - love the lighting, the general mechanics, and the ambience and story Also managed to grab two keys 😅

Anything beyond the second key in the larger labyrinth proved tricky. Would adding a lighter fuel gauge or introducing refueling stations throughout the labyrinth help players progress smoother?

Oh! hehe that’s a good tip - thank you! Hey how comes the web based version is in a different language?

Really enjoying this game, especially the soundtrack! Glad these game art was helpful and thank you for the link!

Got stuck on this level, but I’m not giving up!



  • Did a second pass at the assets and organized them in to their respective folders for FBX,OBJ, and GLB
  • Corrected asset meshes that were exported incorrectly
  • New Screenshots, Enjoy!

This game creates a suspenseful atmosphere, but the ending left me confused. I wasn’t sure if the game was supposed to end abruptly, or if it crashed on my device.

Hmm strange. I’m unable to play the game. When I run the executable, all I get is a black windowed screen. The music is looping in the bg, but there’s nothing on the screen to interact with.

Note: Further development and updates will be moved to this asset pack’s community page - thanks!

Hey everyone. This asset pack was originally created for the Panic Horror game jam on itch.

List of planned assets here!

Stay tuned for updates on the pack’s progress on this post, and feel free to ask any questions. I may be able to take a few requests.


⏹️ - Needs Texturing 
✅ - Done 

Room Structure

modular assets so you can build rooms of different configurations

✅Wall empty(1 unit)
✅Wall empty(2 unit)
✅Wood doorway
✅Wall door-frame
✅Wall window(1 unit)
✅Wall door(1 unit)
✅Ceiling (1 unit)
✅Floor tiled (1 unit)
✅Floor wood-panel (1 unit)
✅Floor stone (1 unit)
✅Door - 01
✅Door - 02 Front door 
✅Door - 03 security 
✅Door - 04 grilled 
✅Door - keypad 


⏹️Couch - Single Seater
⏹️Rocking chair 

Lighting fixtures

⏹️Table lamp
✅Ceiling light - 01
✅Ceiling light - 02
⏹️Wall light 
⏹️Candle stand 


⏹️Shotgun shells 
⏹️Shotgun shell container
⏹️Hunting knife
⏹️Kitchen knife
⏹️Crow bar
⏹️Chain saw 
⏹️Circular saw blades
⏹️Baseball Bat 


⏹️Key fob/car keys 
⏹️Beer can - tallboy 
⏹️Pill bottle 
⏹️Prescription Bottle 
⏹️Alarm clock
⏹️Coat hanger 
⏹️Cigarette unlit
⏹️Cigarette lit
⏹️Trash bag
⏹️Grandfather clock 
⏹️Empty vase 
⏹️Broken hand mirror 
⏹️Broken bulb 
⏹️Newspaper - rolled up
⏹️Chains from the ceiling
⏹️Chains with hooks 
⏹️Teddy bear 
⏹️Kids drawings 
⏹️Night stand with drawer 
⏹️Photo Frame - 01
⏹️Photo Frame - 02
⏹️Photo Frame - 03
⏹️Wall Photo Frame - 01
⏹️Wall Photo Frame - 02
⏹️Smoke detector 
⏹️Wall clock 01
⏹️Wall clock 02

Food/Drink, Cutlery

⏹️Champaign bottle 
⏹️Champaign bottle - no cork
⏹️Wine bottle
⏹️Wine bottle - corked 
⏹️Wine bottle - capped
⏹️Coffee mug
⏹️Tea Cup
⏹️Tea cup saucer 
⏹️Glass-water 01
⏹️Glass-wine 02
⏹️Bowl 01
⏹️Bowl 0
⏹️Napkin - rectangle
⏹️Napkin - folded
⏹️Napkin stand
⏹️Tea spoon
⏹️Table spoon

Reading Material

⏹️Paperback - 01 
⏹️Paperback - 02 
⏹️Paperback - 03 
⏹️Magazine - 01 
⏹️Magazine - 02
⏹️Magazine - 03


✅Flashlight 01
⏹️Flashlight 02
⏹️TV remote control 
⏹️TV antennae 
⏹️VHS Cassette - 01
⏹️VHS Cassette - 02
⏹️VHS Cassette - 03 
⏹️Cassette tape - 01
⏹️Cassette tape - 02

Done and done, here the first release of the asset pack

Development diary:

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This asset pack is now available for download

Just wrapped a whirlwind of an evening! Chopped down the feature list like a digital lumberjack, streamlining this project’s scope for maximum efficiency. Now, all the models are prepped and primed, ready for a UV texturing assault tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peek at the progress


Weapon props

While this doesn’t encompass all the new content, it does highlight some of the exciting additions like fresh weapons and room decorations.

Ending the day with a bunch of weapons/tools complete. Tomorrow, I’ll spend a half day finalizing the prop models before switching gears entirely to focus on UV texturing for the rest of the development cycle.


Thank you! Having a blast being creative :)

I had a blast playing! The increasing difficulty kept things exciting, but for even more variety, I’d suggest introducing some new tasks alongside the existing ones as the levels progress. The mini-bosses were a great addition, and the narrator was fantastic – a real guiding light throughout the game.

Finished uv mapping floors and ceilings, including some props.

Glad to hear that! Keep your eyes out on this post

Day 3 done. image.png

Just finished creating a Blender walkthrough for our UV mapped assets! It’s been a productive day, but I’m thinking of taking a break to recharge for tomorrow.

Found a bunch of these free assets

Happy Sunday! Starting off the day building the base for a low-poly window ️. These assets are still rough and need some grime, but they’re a great starting point for future templates!

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Just wanted to share a bit of a mini-victory today! I finally tackled UV mapping in Blender and figured out how to lower the resolution of textures using an image editing tool. It definitely adds another step to the workflow, but seeing the improved results makes it totally worth it.

For anyone else who’s new to UV mapping, it can seem daunting at first, but there are some great tutorials out there that break it down step-by-step. Ryan King Art’s YouTube channel has been very helpful

Two days done. image.png

Send me a reference of 3 to 4 indian building that you want. Let me see what I can do

Security Keypad complete. No one can bust in or out of this place

And gates, and keypads, and shotguns …etc

Door! We got doors