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[DevLog] Up Tides

A topic by Faiorb created Jul 23, 2018 Views: 122 Replies: 7
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I just realized I forgot to create a DevLog for my tiny project. Oh whoops.

Title: Up Tides (may change later?)

What is it about: 2D Plataform where you get away from the uprising water.

Plot: You are Sailor Greeman. You were in the open ocean when something happen to your ship. Now its time to get away from the nasty ocean water.

Main Mechanics: You just need to plataform your way up each room. When you get to the end of the room, you get teleported to another place. You simplily can go left, right and jump. Plataforms are there go get jumped on it, and also some objects can behave as a spring, making you go high up (for example, ducks do that).


The work needed!

All I'm going to make is everything. Really. The main stuff is the art and the programming, but I'm thinking to make a simple and short music, also sound effects as well.

What I did up to this point!

I made this basic tilemap for all the game. This is basically player, the indoor part of the ship, some objects and plataforms


With this little tilemap, I was able to make a simple plataform with rooms. Also, I coded a generic 2D plataform script and BOOM, the player was able to move along the stage!

Plus, there this thing I need to point out: Every tile has it individual colision area, and when you "paint" them over the scene they preserve these colision points, but there is a way to only use the outlines ones. Its usually used as a optimization for projects.

Later I was trying to figure out how to make the room change after the player hitting some point of the stage. That one was a pain in the butt, I could not get it right. But after some good time, I made the thing work. Wheew.

This one I had some problems, but this is how it was made: First I used a box collider as a trigger, and next I made a script to move the camera and the player to the next point. The ideia is simple.

So when the player hits the trigger this happens:

What I'm doing next!

I need to make some plataforms work better. Also, more rooms is being made. Thats the basic.

Next, I will implement the death water. This is a major thing too.

When all looks nice, I pretend to make either animations or the audio for it.

Well, basically that's it for now. I'm updating this when I do more for this game in the future!


I am so new to programming that it is quiet a surprise to see how a player transitions from one screen to another - love all your animated gifs. I also appreciate the fact that your production art pipeline is so optimized - got my eye on this project once it's complete - cheers


Keep in mind I kind don't know what I am doing HAHAHA. Those projects end up being a mess in the end, so I try to make what I need and put/implement in there. Also, glad to see you liking what I wrote!

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DevLog Update 01

Let's talk about those floating platforms!

I was trying to make this floating platforms work like most it should work. But I stumbled upon this:

Well, so what I should do? Remaking the tiles would be a huge work (or at least I think that). What I could do?

The answer: A cheap roundabout way envolving hitbox. Or the lack of it.

I don't really know if this is REALLY a cheap way to do the work, but for this it should be fine. So here is the ideia:

There is two box collider on the player; One is used as a normal hitbox, and the other is used to tell if there is a platform above the player. And the box collider used as trigger would look like this:

The script gets the box collider used as a hitbox, and inside tells what do do with it. (Also, the box collider trigger is a child of the player, thats why the name "Parent Collider")

Next up, I made another another Tilemap just to be used as a "clippable_ground". They would work as the normal ground tiles, but they would allow to be caught in the trigger.

Just to show, one tile is one the "normal" tilemap, and the other is one the "clippable" tilemap.

The second platform get caught in the script, and it just disable the hitbox collider, making the player clip through the ground!

After all I wrote, the result is Greeman, the protagonist, being able to jump correctly on those platforms!

Being said, I made this just to tell I only implemented the jump. Thats it LOL

What I'm doing next!

Some platforms don't work nice still, but I'm not sure if I will fix it. Not yet, at least

More rooms, and I would need to make more sprites for them.

I will try to make more stuff today, so let's see!

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DevLog Update 02

Well, I did not make anything last day, like I said...

But this time I updated some art to use on the project! So the final tileset is looking like this:

I needed to update the tilemap just because I would need to change the game from inside the ship to outside the ship. This transition was made today.

Just to see how that would look, I put the  tiles together.

First, the transition from these two rooms. It was supposed to look like a huge crack, but I could not figure out how to make that looks nice, so I also draw a arrow to point to way out if necessary.

Second, some outside art. The main deck plus some objects like a box and a barrel is in there. Also, the second part of the transition from the inside part was made.

Here is some extra stuff. The mast is for later on, and will be used for the last part of the game. In addition, some extra art from the deck crack/hole.

For last, some basic background art. Just to make things looks nice.

What I'm doing next!

Include this in the project and, probably, remake all the tiles.

Use them for next stages.


Oh man, I love the art.

I'm trying HAHA. Thanks a lot!

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DevLog Update 03

There is some stuff I did in my project here.

I'll use this gif as an example. First, the death water is implemented! At least, almost everything is done here.

The water was planned to have a small animation, but I don't know if I will make that. Second, it needs to "kill" the player and to raise some objects. But for now, the entire object looks like this

All this object go up, and at the top there is a trigger to tell if the player is touching the tiles.

I talked about the animation. The only object I animated was the player, and its only this:


Look at him go

Just some stuff need to be done for the game. First, when the player dies, the room need to reset. For now, the water trigger a text, but that is about it.


That was a short update, despite the time spent.

What I'm doing next!

Make all the other rooms/stages

Implement the death and the reset system