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I love the music choice while I hit head first into every single wall.

This game has good visuals, nice music. For some reason I liked the soundeffect for the plate cleaning task.

The first seconds I spent trying to figure out how to interact with the objects, but my main issue was how close to the player the camera was, I could not see or react in time.

Problems aside, good submission.

I was not expecting to get struck by the text, but I was very wrong. What a very good game.

The game design needed, for me, to be simple, so people can keep it up with the message you are showing, and I think you did nicely. I only think the sound effect when you collect the items was a little bit distracting, but it's a minor detail.

Thank you all for the feedback. For a game made in a few hours I saw some points that were quite unpolished, like the difficult of it. Let's see if next time I handle these kind of stuff!

First of all, thank you. About the animations, it was one of the lowest at my priorities list on this game, but I completely agree in how to play with it about the sun turning off. And about the theme, since it was optional, I decided to not bother.

Yeah, I figured the patterns were a little too rough, but I left them in just to see how you all would think. And yeah, there is a very simple end, I guess the sun it's a little too spongy. Anyways, thank! 


Great tips, man. Thank you!

I was not expecting such good gameplay out of this. The work done here, exploring all these mechanics, was super well made. I am so glad to have given a chance to this game, it was worth it! Thank you!

Oh! I don't really have a good way to debug this for the linux version, so I have no idea what is causing it. And yeah, this is the menu screen all messed up, with the name, the cat and the button to play the game. I would ask if you tried the play the game, but I guess it could not run well too :/

Really appreciate your kind comment. And yeah, if you say that jank means feel, I need to agree that this game has a LOT of feel hahah. Thank you for playing!

How to deep fry you brain? Play this game.

I remembered some old traffic controller games with your entry. With time, it's a mess to make everything work. Using the numpad sounds weird at first (at least for me), but makes sense, and this entry has simple controlls. If I could add something, I would put some extra stages, with more turns and more chaos.


(By the way, I think there is a type in the game description)

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Nice idea for a game. This one has a good potential for being really engaging, being left to add, in my opinion, some music and extra audio. The swap feature worked really nice in here (I was using the big guy and the mage a lot on my run heh). Other than that, I was confused is that black tile was some kind of hole or if there was some texture missing, but don't worry that much about it.


Really good entry!

I can see this one becoming a nice time waster mobile game, judging by it's style (Screen size and for having only 3 inputs). The sideway movement was, for me, the best feature you have added here. And if I could, I would personally add two new upgrades: Movement speed and Shoots Piercing.

Anyway, congratulations for making this one!

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Really nice project. I guess that you have tried to balance the game by making the bats only getting hit by the fireballs, right? Because the walls were really overpowered... At least, at first.

I thing this could have had some ways to stop the player, like some enemies that attack you instead of the crown, and others ways/paths too. But in overall, I really like how you made this game. Congratulations!

I have noted at least 2 or 3 bugs with the ball alone, so this build has a lot of... let's say, features 😶. And good to know that you were the first one to find out about jumping in the air. You have no idea how I tried to fix it without success LOL

Thank you for playing! Soon enough I will play your game, for sure!

Don't worry, I will rate your game. I'm only doing at my time, but soon enough you will see my kong face in your game too.

Ok, good to know you were able to play now!

Thank you for the feedback. The UI was the last thing I put together, so it is all over the place.

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Went so hard on this game I even got the defense mode card in play:

For real, what a engaging entry. This sucked me for an entiry hour, I am not joking. The art is simple, perfect for this, and the deck building was nicely done. The idea of multiple energy bars was great. I found the bug in the image, and another one where there is so much items to buy it just goes down the game, but didn't ruin the game.

By the way, I beat the game, just to transform my hero into the next boss, waiting for the next deck hero, I guess.


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"Couldn't finish it in time [...]" Funny enough, this looks very finished to me. Throw you gun to reload it so you can keep shooting monsters, feels good! I guess the level design could be a little better for the aiming, but well made. 

Also, for some reason, I liked how you made the chandelier as a turret here. Congrats!

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Super well crafted entry. The controls are responsive (Even though, if you are holding the shotgun and press the action button, it shoots. My poor chickens...), and this game hold myself for a good 30 minutes straight.

And there is something that I think I notice as well: Is the map random generated each time? It looks like, but I need to know if that is actually true. Congrats man! 

This one is hard, I tell you. The movement is slow, but that makes sense, since you are on this spaceship, but a checkpoint system would be really nice in here. Really enjoyed the way you used the assets as well. Congrats!

Page updated, you should be able to play now

Fun fact, I reduced the button trigger area because I thought it was too big, whoops. And yeah, the way this game was built, it lead to some confusion, so don't worry. Thank you!

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Thaks for playing. I figured the flip mechanic is somewhat too abrut, maybe some animation or some way to show the world flipping would help to not make players fell sick or confused 🤔. Anyways, I had fun making it (Fun fact, I also plan to post a devlog about the development, and I am going to update the game page). Thanks again

I was wondering how those two games would play together, and the way you find the balance was really nice. For being so simple, and for having such a chill music on the background, makes for a good time waster. Good job, friend!

Thanks NelNel! I was happy too with the switching mechanic, glad to see more people thinking the same, nad I hope you had fun as well.

And I kind of agree with you, I may or may not have made some stages a little too hard ;)

Thank you deLima. I, in fact, was thinking in some other mechanics, like a teleporter, one way pass or a ball-only room, but I decided to keep it simple for my own sake!

And I think something was left to do (For example, find more balls to reach some trigger), because the final screen has a message on it. Or maybe a bug? I will take a look to see more about this, for sure

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Quick update, I changed the game page for you all, with a gif to know what the game is about

thank you for playing! I wasn't expecting to see more people playing this game, so I might fix some things and add more stages, why not.

Pretty cool, I will give it a try for sure! And a question, what you used to create this tool?

I found this with the "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality". For sure I'm going to take a good look at this. Thank you so much!

Good entry, man. I can say that it's simple, but works. I would say the plataform is way on top, so the player have more time to react, and the pieces a little small to make it fair. But nonetheless, congrats!

Simple and clean game. I was confused at first, because I was not sure if I was playing right, but I figured out.


God damn hard, but super well made. The idea and execution was great. Plus, I like how you introduced new mechanics over the gameplay. Congrats!

By the way, my highscore: 00:18:45

Had no time to fix it :<

Thank you for the comment, man