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[Devlog] Goat of the 8th Layer (Working Title)

A topic by CrescentWitch created Jul 19, 2018 Views: 219 Replies: 11
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All right, time to make a game. For the first time. And some pixel art-- for the first time. And music-- for the first time.

Lots of firsts, everyone, lots of firsts.

Goat of the 8th Layer (Which will probably not be the final title of this project, but it has a nice ring to it) is a silly, semi-comedic platformer set in Hell. You play as a a ruling lady of Hell who has been unceremoniously turned into a devilish goat and must platform her way up back to her rightful throne.

- Make a single level with a checkpoint system and a few hazards.
- Program a playable goat that is able to, as goats do, walk on nearly 90 degree surfaces. For fun. Also, y'know... Program jumping and moving.
- Have some fun with that aforementioned platforming concept.
- If time allows, refine the jumping and moving to have acceleration and controlled jump height.
- Make some gosh dang pixel art and music, which I'm completely new to!

So, to start things off, here is a basic sprite for Lilith herself:

Probably going to make some changes/improve the quality of the sprite later, maybe add some shading, but there she is!

I'm going to move into programming now, but soon I want to make three or four additional Lilith sprites (Two or three comprising a walk cycle, one for mid-jump, much like the original Super Mario Bros).


Well... Surprise! This wasn't in the original design, but now Lilith is now the Demon Queen of Skateboarding.

Oh yeah, and I also made animations, jumping and movement mechanics, a testing room, etc.

What to do next:

  • Make actual assets for Hell, the game's level
  • Tweak the jumping and movement values (Currently using placeholder values)
  • Add acceleration
  • Maybe make that jump animation a little clearer
  • Tweak the sizes of the sprites and how they appear on-screen (For detail)

But for now...

You skate or you die.

... Or both. If you're in Hell.


Not a huge update today, but I did add something very important.

That's right. Sick stunts.

I don't know how I came to this.

I tried to (And still want to) implement a score system that keeps track of how many times Lilith spins mid-air, but... Whoo boy, that's some complicated coding. I'll be saving that for later. I have more important things to be doing.


Game of the year 2018, calling it now

(love this)


So cool!!!!


All right!! Time for a big ol' update, mostly graphically.

As you can see, this test room is looking quite a bit spiffier than before! We have:

- Actual drawn platforms!

- An obstacle (Holy water is very hazardous to a Demon's health! Also, don't worry, I'll make the death a little less... Glitchy later. So that Lilith actually falls into the water before she dies.)

- Checkpoints! In the form of skulls on pitchforks whose eyes glow with blue flame upon activation.


The floor is water.... Sorry I had to. :P But still looking nice.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god. oh my god this is the best concept and game ive ever seen. i hope you submit this because ITS REALLY GOOD!!!


!!! Oh! Thank you so much!! That means more to me than you know.

I'm definitely going to submit it, and-- after getting this message, I'm rather tempted to actually get it into a fully playable state after the jam is over. Because, well-- after starting late and learning a bunch of new stuff, it isn't gonna be close to a full game by Saturday. But I have learned a lot! And you and the rest of the community have been super welcoming, which I appreciate to no end.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this silly goat game!!

Submitted (2 edits)

Smaller update, but a very important one: the Spinning mechanics have had a rework into a more final form. Here's the deal:

1. Spinning is now controlled by the arrow keys rather than by the mouse. It's still the right hand's job to control spinning, but now it's way more precise and, in my opinion, fun to control.

2. As you spin, the speed at which you rotate increases, and...

3. As you spin, you actually accelerate horizontally.

As you can see in this testing gif, Lilith travels much farther when she picks up speed by spinning than she would by simply jumping. Just be careful with the sick stunts, lest you overshoot a platform and miss your mark.

Jam's almost over, and I'm very happy with the progress I've made. Have I done absolutely everything I wanted to do? No. Is this more of a conceptual tech demo than a game? Yep! Do I care that much? Not really.

Energy and time permitting, I might be able to do more before the Jam's completion-- I at least want to finalize the level I have (Rather than the testing room I've been showing you all in these devlogs) and finish the background tileset so there isn't just a blank, white void-- although, that is an interesting interpretation of Hell, isn't it?

But for now... We have a spinning goat.


This is really really cool.


Aaaaaaaand the game is in a playable state! And has been submitted to the jam! It now has a background, a fully playable level, an end screen-- the whole shebang!

Wanna see? You're gonna have to go and see the game for yourself.

And remember: stay radical.