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[DEVLOG] Silent Storms , a visual novel.

A topic by niadraws created Jul 14, 2018 Views: 434 Replies: 28
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Hi! My name is Nia and my Gam Jam project is a visual novel titled Silent Storms.  :^) This is my first ever game! 

Synopsis: On the rainiest day of the season, the player recalls how lonely they are as they watch their classmates walk home with their friends.  Despite their thoughts, they try to continue home but find the rain to be too harsh. After getting caught outside in a thunderstorm, the player makes the choice of buying an umbrella at their local convenience store. They must choose between between 2  different colored umbrellas and deal with two customers who are VERY particular about getting their favorite color. The player must either choose to compromise and share the umbrella with them,  or succumb to their fear and anxiety about socializing and brave the storm alone.

It's a fairly simple game, but I thought it would be manageable for a two week project! I hope the minimal mechanics will help me at least get my feet wet with the Ren'py enginge. ^^

My current progress: I've drafted their different routes in Twine! It still needs some fine polishing, but I thought this could help me when I actually begin to program things into Ren'py. 

I was also trying to decide between logo designs. Later I would like to add the silhouette of an umbrella behind the text. For now though I was experimenting with fonts ^^

Ooo logo looks slick! It's neat how you prototyped it in twine. Good luck with Renp'y!


Thank you!!! ^^ 

This looks so cute and sweet? Such a simple self-contained idea, it really captures that 'slice-of-life' sort of feeling. That twine flowchart is already impressive! Good luck!!

(also first time ren'py users high five)


Thank you so much!!! I figured something like this would be a good start to game design ^^ ( High five!! )

very cool idea...


Omg, those are some complex routes. Btw, the concepts sounds interesting.


Thanks ^^ I hope they're not too difficult to program lol


UPDATE: 7/15/2018

Some character sprites are started! I managed to finish a lot of Hikari's (the girl) facial expressions and poses, but there are still a few more I need to draw/paint. Omata has sadly only been sketched, but at least I've started lol! I've been working on graphics for a full 24 hours now so I think I will take a break and revisit my Twine draft. I'd like to see if I can start getting things in Ren'py soon...


Hikari, one of the routes in Silent Storms

Omata, a character route in Silent Storms

Love your character designs - quality works Niadraws! 


thank you!!! :D


Beautiful character designs and such a charming concept! Looking forward to it!


thank you so much!! :>

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Beautiful drawing! Very expressive faces! I don't see many VNs in jams. I'm not much into VN's, but I'm interested in this one for the concept. Congratulations!

Looking forward to see it finished!


Haha thank you! I'm really happy to hear that! I'm  not usually one for VNs either but I'm hoping to do something a bit different within the genre. ^^


Great stuff. I look forward to following this. I'm interested in trying something like this next.


thank you !!! ^^


UPDATE: 7/17/18

So I've finished facial expressions for Hikari and started coloring Touma! Here is his neutral expression. I have a few different facial expressions to go.

As for the actual programming, I've finished programming all 3 of Hikari's routes. I will need to go back and do some polishing, but so far things are playing out pretty nicely! Right now I have random Google Images for the backgrounds; debating on whether I'll draw my own or use a public domain images instead. We'll see how I do on time. This week I've decided I'm committing to doing 80% of the programming! :>

Today's task will be programming Touma's (previously Omata) routes and adding a point/click functionality in the beginning of the game. I would like to have the player be able to choose their color umbrella by clicking their preference .(?) This will trigger the route that they take.

So cute! I’m really loving the premise in combination with your artwork!


thank you so much!!! :D


This sounds like such a cute, fun game! I love the simple concept.


thank you!!! i hope it will be fun to play ^^


No updates in a while. Have been working on and off for the past week and I think I've reached a pretty good place. I've finished writing the routes for Hikari and Touma and have drawn in some backgrounds to replace some of the place holders! I've also customized a little GUI here and there.  Still needs a bit of polishing but not a whole lot.  Haha, backgrounds aren't quite my forte...but I tried!! lol! ((although, i'm pretty fond of the sky. I worked very hard on it ><))


I like the art style! I'm looking forward to giving this a go... or two. lel


thanks!! haha ^^

That line art quality is sweet! Love the aesthetics 


thank you!! :D


Nice, haven't checked in a few days but the progress here is awesome, and art great, it looks even better after you drew the backgrounds.

P.S. The sky is really realistic looking.

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Really pushing myself to the finish! Have been dragging my feet the last few days but now I feel the rush with the deadline approaching haha. This is a street background for the greater part of the game. Below is a WIP:  I still need to give the buildings TLC. I'm hoping to finish this tonight.

That said, I hope the game is enjoyable!! It's a lot shorter than I imagined it was going to be. I can't really complain though. I think this project was a good introduction for me as a Ren'py newb. 

UPDATE:  Might be my final version. Still unsure