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Very good concept there, and nice art too!

You could have assigned other button for player 2, because it would be easier to play in the same keyboard (or assign something like space bar for p1 and mouse click for p2).

Good job!

It's that kind of game that could be more an "experience" than a game.

Very relaxing, the bgm matches the fluidity of the controls and animations. Beautiful art too! Congratulations!

The game art direction is great. I like the ambience sounds/music too.

I think the camera is too sensitive. Just turning your character makes the camera change. I think you could make it re-align only when you move your character (as in Super Mario World).

Nice work! I hope you finish the game!

Fair enough. It would be more pleasant if it were real instruments, maybe. Thank you for the review!

Thank you!!

I wanted to make something with a better progression, but you know... Time (the lack of it actually). Thank you for playing!

I love blues scale. Sometimes I use it outside blues too. Haha. Thank you for playing!


I consider my biggest strength sound and music. But I really enjoy logic and I studied it formally for a while. I think understanding logic is what is important. Then you learn syntax to code. If you don't feel good when coding, try to use Construct 2. It is purely drag and drop, but uses the fundamentals of programming. You need practice. Then you start worrying about syntax. I still need to play your game. When I do I'll try to give useful feedback. What engine do you use?

Thank you very much! I released it on Android too and it is fair to make a version in my own language for my friends :D

By background you mean what do I know about gamedev? I've been making games the last 3 years, but I'm not a pro, actually this is one that I managed to finish nicely. I already used Game Maker Studio (1.4) and Construct 2 engines, but now I work with App Game Kit (it's code only, uses Basic language). Most of my games are from game jams. If you want to talk about gamedev, follow me on Twitter @beetracks.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I intend to expand it. But I need to plan. Thanks for playing!

Good to know! It will be available on Play Store too, although you can play it from the browser here. Thanks!


Game Submitted!

I'm still going to upgrade it for Android, though. So, it will be available only next week as a post-jam version.

I still need to add online highscore (there's local highscore for the jam version) and a "how to play" screen, but the game is complete and working (although it is a bit slower on browser, but I don't have time to complete another build now).

Congratulations! Jams are great for learning and I think you did well, even researching animations, risking with different ideas. I hope you finish the game you imagined, after the jam.


Thank you!!

My progress so far.

To-Do list update:

  1. Main menu system
  2. Main menu music
  3. Win and lose music
  4. Adjust score calculation
  5. Scoreboard screen
  6. Online highscore (only Windows and Android. It doesn't work on HTML5)
  7. Local highscore
  8. Portuguese translation
  9. Land sprite effect (maybe)
  10. Add splash screen
  11. Publish
  12. Make a gameplay trailer (maybe)

Tomorrow I'm going to work on 5, 6 and 7.

Yesterday I added score, timer and water on the bottom, so, you have limited time to finish the stage (although it is a good amount of time, just isn't endless time). Besides, I implemented a pause system.

Today I added music and sfx, but I still don't have a video to show.

My next to do:

  1. Main menu system
  2. Main menu music
  3. Win and lose music
  4. Adjust score calculation
  5. Scoreboard screen
  6. Online highscore (only Windows and Android. It doesn't work on HTML5)
  7. Local highscore
  8. Portuguese translation
  9. Land sprite effect (maybe)
  10. Add splash screen
  11. Publish
  12. Make a gameplay trailer (maybe)

Lot of work yet. And I thought I was finishing it. XD

Nice work! I really enjoyed the animation and transition update!

Sorry, I don't have any specific recommendation. I'm not a successful mobile game developer, but as far my experience goes, I think the only thing different from PC it is the controls. Try to create games that uses accelerometer and swipes  instead virtual directional buttons, for example. Use simple mechanics, make objective games. I mean that as a starting point. When you get the feel of these basic things, you start looking for games that you wish to make, play some, and try to mimic them. For example: you like strategy, you will try to do something in Clash Royale area. You like puzzles, you can try to get some Bejeweled and Cut The Rope references etc.

That's the route I choose based on what I saw with my games. The simpler the game, the broader the audience.

Woohoo, a bee!

Pico-8 is awesome. Although I never finished anything on it, I learned a lot just by trying things. I use App Game Kit, and a lot of what I code on it I learned by coding on Pico-8. (I also tend to use its color palette too).

Your game is looking good. I want to try it when its finished. I really enjoyed the bee sprite XD

Good luck!

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Yes. The last try was something too big. It's not my first jam, so I thought I was ready for that challenge but I wasn't. Maybe next year. I don't want to make a game just for the sake of making. I'd rather complete a smaller but fun game. :D

I'll release on Google Play too. I already added vibration for when the water hits the spider. Thanks!

Thank you!

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The game is submitted! Play it here:


Alright, new ideas working. I'm on the jam again!!!

It's a simple concept, but I think it is fun.

Next to add:

  • Splash effects
  • Scoreboard
  • Menu
  • Sound effects
  • Music

Looking good! I'm enjoying the art direction!

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Beautiful drawing! Very expressive faces! I don't see many VNs in jams. I'm not much into VN's, but I'm interested in this one for the concept. Congratulations!

Looking forward to see it finished!

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For pixel art I'd say get references. Tutorials are good to a point, learning some techniques, but I think if you look for what you want and try to copy you will get better results than trying to find a specific tutorial (unless you need to learn the painting software too).

If you use Aseprite, you will see it has a lot of palettes. Choose one and stick to it. Try to solve everything in your game with it.

I'm not experienced, but I think my art is better when I limit myself to a few colors. A 16 color palette is enough for retro. If you want something more complex, 32 colors will be enough mostly.

And I say to get a preset because it is something vastly used and works for most of the games.

Keep your sprites small. This one I mean for efficiency, considering the deadline. I'd say don't go bigger than 32x32 or you will have hard time drawing everything.

tl; dr

  • Choose a standard color palette with few colors
  • Get references
  • Try no to do big sprites

I'm not a pro, but I've been using those rules when making pixel art and I've been happy with I achieve (I don't intend go pro, but I try to improve my art each game I do).

I enjoyed the beds btw! Good luck!

May I suggest one thing?

Everything but your sprites are flat. Make your sprites flat too. I mean, there's too much gradient, you could use solid colors in your players to keep the aesthetic consistent. I see the grass contours have some gradient too. These don't bother my eyes, but it would be nice to make it in there too.

I enjoyed the scene. Very colorful. Inspires fun. Good luck!