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I'll release on Google Play too. I already added vibration for when the water hits the spider. Thanks!

awesome~ i look forward to it! I've been interested in making games on mobile, is there a resource you would recommend for people wanting to learn mobile game development?

Sorry, I don't have any specific recommendation. I'm not a successful mobile game developer, but as far my experience goes, I think the only thing different from PC it is the controls. Try to create games that uses accelerometer and swipes  instead virtual directional buttons, for example. Use simple mechanics, make objective games. I mean that as a starting point. When you get the feel of these basic things, you start looking for games that you wish to make, play some, and try to mimic them. For example: you like strategy, you will try to do something in Clash Royale area. You like puzzles, you can try to get some Bejeweled and Cut The Rope references etc.

That's the route I choose based on what I saw with my games. The simpler the game, the broader the audience.