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Thanks! Yeah I didn't quite have the time to better the rate of obstacle creation-

As for the other question you sent, it'd be awesome if this lil game was in an exhibition with others to promote these hourly gamejams!

i absolutely adore your game so far, really hits that metroid nostalgia-err spot. Especially with those smooth transitions- can't wait to see how your game develops and plays~

Devlog #2

So not the most productive weekend for me due to [excuse] but I did manage to get some of my todo list done.

I made some bombs that stick to junk and 'splode. Still rudimentary but it's there along with the ability to destroy (certain) inconspicuous walls. You can also see the rocket boots item on the right.

Also made some crates to destroy if you're in sore need of bombs or health.

Lastly, an accident! As I was trying to get the basics of enemyAI down, somewhere in those sloppy scripts, a fidgety friend happened! I kinda like it. I'll probably change the sprite to something else and mayhaps use him as an early enemy.

So there ya go, progress! Soon to be followed by even more progress since I'm weirdly less busy on week days rather than weekends. Anyhow an updated todo list!

  • Draw up and make minimap a thing.
  • place crates over world
  • implement the rest of the enemies! (fourish more to go)
  • make miniboss just a tad bit more impressive. (is too easy imo)
  • draw art for boss
  • sound effects
  • intro, menu, ending, and game over screens.

omg thank you for your kind words~

Created a new topic [Devlog] SpaceDog Adventure

So this'll be my second time trying out this game jam. Last time I started pretty late and had too big an idea to finish on time, this time I don't have any excuses hah so here goes.

I tried to stay within the theme of cats and\or dogs by making my protagonist a doggo. I had also just seen the youtube series BossKeys by Mark Brown and decided to try to create a zelda like dungeon. Lastly I wanted to give the game a hand drawn feel by using scaled down drawings.

I'm using Game Maker and I'll try to keep this devlog updated from now on but anyhow,

here's what I have done so far.

A HUD that gives no information really. a working character object that has health.

I have a dungeon layout done and all the rooms built. They're still pretty unpopulated, all the enemies are still being made so I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them in the battlefield. Only in a debug room.

as far as story goes it's a pretty simple one. As Space Dog, you crashlanded onto a rogue planet, into a shifty looking organization building\cave?

Things on my immediate todo list:

  • Make a game over sequence.
  • Draw and replace enemy placeholder art.
  • Build the base boss game object.
  • Tone inanimate objects and tiles down a bit.
  • Draw and add world jetpack item.
  • Make sticky bombs.
  • add hud text (been procrastinating on this since the beginning).

Broader todo items:

  • More decorative ground tiles to differentiate different parts of the dungeon.
  • Cosmetic world objects like crates\pots to destroy for sticky bombs.
  • Intro and Ending art.
  • Sound effects (at least) maybe some music (hopefully???)
Replied to rbelmont000 in JanKenRPG

absolutely no idea hahah- if anything I was thinking of something cheesy and overdone like most 8-bit rpg stories.

Created a new topic JanKenRPG
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Started a bit late on this since I didn't really know about it's existence till yesterday. But still it'll be a nice challenge to make an rpg.

So I didn't have much of an idea of what to do until I saw this spritesheet over at opengameart. And I gotta say I really really liked it. So I'm going to try to do it justice.

I still haven't decided on a story or anything like that, but I do have a simple WASD moving character.

I have simple textboxes going on when you click on a sign with your cursor. Nothing too fancy.

As for the battle system, looking at the icons that were in the sprite sheet I decided to do like a simple rock paper scissors gameplay style. The winner of the game gets to do their selected action of either Attacking, Defending, or Healing. Still haven't fully programmed a workable fighting system but I feel like I'm halfway done.

ooh~ your palette choice along with the silhouettes give off a very Out of This World vibe.

oh thanks for telling me! I can see it on my browser, but I've re-linked it, hopefully fixed it.

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Nyello so I've always wanted to try participating in an art jam to challenge myself to make and (try to) complete a game. I want to focus on ultimately putting out a nice story and the only thing I'm really good at is drawing so I decided to head in the adventure game route- Going to be using Gamemaker since I'm pretty comfy with it. (I didn't know there were specifically engines for adventure games but I kinda didn't wanna bother with learning a whole 'nother engine :v )

This is what the game might end up looking like-

Depending on how fast I work a lot of the art might be this kind of gradient-y msPaint style- I would love to have the polished art that I have in mind for the story but the priority for me here is having a complete short story. If I can finish that then the art comes next~