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Love the look and style of the game, interesting and engaging way to explore an important issue!

Really impactful game - I love how natural the storytelling was, and the driving gameplay plus the visual changes in location and time of day made it feel very immersive. Well done!

Thank you for playing and commenting!

And you did such a great job! Thanks again for the help :)

This is a really cool game - I love how you managed to include so many different stories in a small space of time, and it was really interesting to hear the outcome of my choices as a player.  I may have to play again to explore all of the options!

Fun mechanic for grabbing items and cute cozy art style!

Love the unique visual style and the way the customers all had such unique voices and personalities. The tea combos felt nice and challenging but I managed to work most of them out.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Fun and relaxing game! I like how you kept it simple but still managed to capture the cozy fall vibes with the soundtrack and environment.

Looks like an interesting concept with a good amount of the game design and programming already done! I checked out the art and can imagine it will look really cool finished :) I enjoyed experimenting with the cooking mechanic.

This was a fun game with a good level of challenge! Loved all the autumn art and cozy locations like the bookshop. Nice work :)

That’s a really cool idea!

Aww, thank you for the kind comment and for running such a cute and cozy jam! I’m excited to take part again in the future :)

Thank you!!

This was a fun and relaxing experience - loved watching the trees grow over time! The soundtrack and art are also very cozy. Could see it being developed into a bigger game with more to do/buy at the market.

This was a fun platformer and I liked the extra challenge of having to take the items back to the storehouse! Would've been cool to see which house we earned at the end :)

Love how you told the story using sound and used such a relatable experience as the concept! The ending was funny and surprising.

Cute and fun, loved the leaf sound effects!

Very cute game with lots of fall vibes! Agree with the other comments that it would be nice to have a faster speed option for growing or some extra tasks to do.

This was a cute and fun little experience and take on the theme! Loved the way the ghost was animated.

This was such a cool idea for a game! Loved the environmental storytelling and it was very satisfying to see the 'bad vibes' in the apartment slowly reduce as I played. Also a nice and relaxing experience with the background music :) Time to go and tidy up irl!

Love the cozy art and colour scheme! Would definitely benefit from some instructions because I wasn't too sure how to solve the puzzle.

This was so fun and relaxing play, and I love the storybook-style art. It was cute to see the little mushroom decoration at the end!

Very impressive numbers of features for such a short time! And it definitely has a very cozy fall vibe :)

Very cool! I love how colorful the leaves are and the sound effects were a nice touch.

Very cool and unique take on the theme! It was satisfying to see the visual changes in the environment as I collected the files :)

This was such a fun game - I loved the reading and focus mechanics and the puzzles felt just right, not too easy or too hard. The art also fits the cozy theme perfectly!

Very cute and cozy concept and art! It took me a little while to work out how to play, I think some instructions would be helpful. Loved the hand-drawn recipe book!

Aww, thank you so much for playing! :)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the audio! Yes, I did crochet all the assets :)

Yay, I hope you enjoy them!

Interesting concept with the summoning and cute art!

This was very fun to play and I love the visual style! Nice twist on a classic matching game with the Halloween cards.

Love the clean art style and simplicity! I kept killing my plant with too much water (just like real life lol)

Super cute, I loved designing my sweater!

Amazing! Lovely story :)

I had a great time decorating my room - loved all the colour choices and options for plants and accessories.

Loved exploring this little rainy world - the art looks great and the sound effects were a nice relaxing detail.