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Good game I got soft-locked on the second level though :( Reminds me a lot of Baba is you.

Thanks! The game is meant to be a partial rage game! Glad you stuck with it!

Yes, Precisely. It is a fast way to make it and is less intense on the computer. I was also planning on making in into a mobile game after the jam is done so it would be able to run well with less changes.

I love it!!! Only thing is that I got a runtime error when I ran out of time. Personally I would love to see some added animations and then you could make a mobile game as I would say it is a great time killer!

I was going for more the rage game type vibe. Since there are not that many levels I wanted to make sure the player had some challenges. Thanks for playing though!

Yeah the second level is pretty hard and that's on me. I should have found more people to play test it before finalizing it. :D

I tried messing with several ideas of connecting them but adding a line made them feel like they should be ridged and a stretchy line as if they should be springy. I didn't have the time to think of any other solutions though. I will mess around with some more in the post jam version.

I play tested a lot and didn't notice how difficult the 2nd level was, that was the main complaint from people who play the game. As for sound effects I was gonna make them but I didn't have the time. They will be added in the post jam version along with plenty of new levels and some balance tweaks!

I love it! and as some other people pointed out skipping after you run out of arms would have been a great addition! Keep on doing what you do!

Yeah it is on the verge of a rage game, I was going for that since I am planning on modifying and turning it into a mobile game as well.

I was thinking last moment of making some easier levels but I increased the jump power to make it easier. In the next version I will try to make more simple levels at the start.

I tried using wine for it and it gave me plenty of errors.

Could you compile a debian version please? Love your videos!