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Michał Więcek

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Glad you like it! Of course we will play and review your game :)

Thank you!


Glad you like it! :)

Really nice game. I alaways wanted to do something like this by myself. Good job!

It looks good but all thing in background shiver and it makes me so dizzy after play

Jumping is a little weird but I like it a lot!

Ah yes. It could make you stuck on night level. Tbh we didn't think this throught and we need to put some work into it. Thanks for pointing this out!  Glad you like it!

We will play your game ofc!

You can push flaming barrel on both ways of this bridge. Both grant u win :D

Really good game! It kinda reminds me Reactor game on android

Really great game! Well done menu graphics. It looks like fully polished game

Awesome concept well fited to the theme. Regen could be a little bit lower. Or enemies could do more damage. Anyway GJ!

This is awesome. You thought about everything! It could be really good mobile game!

Personally, animated pilot during shooting etc. is awesome idea. It make game much more immersive :D

I almost did it! Simple and fun to play puzzles. Music really match the style!

It's really good. I hope you will add an option to play this local co op :D

I like the idea of cleaning the river. It's something really new. It could use some ambient music. I enjoyed it!

Great idea. I experienced some bad menu scaling at start but after start game everything was fine. Keep it up!

Awesome look. I alaways wanted to do something like this. Enemies desing is really good

It looks pretty nice. But it could use some improvements like upgrades or changing characters orders. Graphics are nice to watch :)

Good idea but it's very hard to play because of camera. Maybe try to put this in one rotation without mouse imput. Anyway as far as i made it it was fun!

Lovely! It made my day better with this simple motivational sentences! I encounter some kind of bug with "Day 0" on screen all the time but it didn't interrupt gameplay at all

Really fun to play. Simple but cute design :)

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Awesome art style! Cool and interesting idea. It miss some kind of background music. I like it :) 

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It's really good platformer with interesting mechanics and pleasant look. Last level and 2 ways to get throught this is cool! I really enjoyed it!

Nice game! Music is pretty dope! I really appreciate tutorial. It's  short and pithy. Only not being able to shoot trought turret is kinda annoying. Anyway gj!

Thank you! :) Moonlighter was a huge inspiration for us. Thanks for your feed feedback we will work on this :D Of course we will check out your game :)

We are glad you like it :D Thanks for pointing issue with collecting loot.! We will definitely change it when jam ends :)

Thank you! Glad you like it :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it man!

Thanks man! I put a lot of work in this fire effects.

Thanks man! 

I'm glad you enjoyed this! Patching wall sounds great! I need to work at this part. Also good point with music. It gets a little anoying after few loops.

Thanks man! I'm glad you like it. I agree that miss some hit indicator.  I'll add this in next update!

Thanks man it means a lot for me. I'm glad that atmosphere is strong part of this game. That's true it miss some gameplay features. Unfortunately I run out of time.

Awesome! Looking forward for that!

I really do!

Me too

It's really interesting and great idea! Really atmospheric

Great artstyle!