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That's a good suggestion! Thanks for trying it out!

Thanks for feedback! The game is definitely inspired by Vampire Survivors, I have always wanted to try that game formula out in a game jam.

Thats a great score! Thanks for playing!

Fun game! I like to just spam projectiles and hope the enemies die before I do. I think a health bar for the enemies will be good.

Fun game! I like to just spam projectiles and hope the enemies die before I do. I think a health bar for the enemies will be good.

This is a fun little game! I think it fits really well as a score-attack kind of arcade game. An improvement can be adding indicators to the new target spawns or even bullets that are approaching the player if possible.

Fun game! The cartoonish art style is really cute as well. I'm not sure why but sometimes the birds still dive-bomb me when I was the correct color, but other than that I had a great time.

Short game but interesting game concept.

Fun game with a creative win mechanic! Really reminds me of vampire survivors and 20 minutes till dawn and I loved both of those games. I think with more UI and polish this game can be really cool too.

Thanks for your feedback! I was considering whether to let the player wrap around to the other side when passing through a wall, but I decided to stick to the classic rules of snake.

Fun puzzle game with nice designs! The movement was a little slippery though, it does not feel very smooth. Still fun to play through regardless!

This is a fun little platformer, the movement feels really nice especially the varying jump heights!

Fun concept and nice pixel art. The combat is nice as well, good job!

Fun and short game with nice graphics!

This is a really fun puzzle game! The graphics are nice and the level designs are great as well.

This is a fun take on the classic game breakout! I love how there's two ways to play it, the slow and patient block breaking game or a bullet hell all out chaos game.

Not sure if you realized, but when the text says "text", it meant to eat the pellet with the colour stated in the other UI element instead of the visual color!

I realized that the game might be a bit confusing, but other than the UI that states the color itself, there is another one that states whether to follow the visual color or the actual word stated on the text! This could be why you kept dying after the 4th pellet as this randomization only happens only after the 4th one.

The black box seems to be a bug, but the text saying "text" actually means to eat the pellet with the color stated in the word instead of the actual visual color!

I love the visuals of this game! I like how its like a DIY bullet hell game, it was fun to just spam the bullets and trying to dodge them all when it ricochets. 

Really interesting game idea, I had a fun time playing through it! I'm not really a fan of the moving platforms being sticky though, as it didn't really add much value to any of the puzzle platforming other than slowing the player down.

This is a fun game! The game idea is a really creative take on the limitation, good job! I feel like adding a score system will help increase the replay ability of the game.

The presentation of this game is really good! Narrative games are always so cool to me as I am not creative enough to come up with my own storyline. The controls feels a little slippery, but the gameplay is still fun nonetheless!

A simple game concept executed really well. The visuals and sounds are really nice too!

creative and fun game, good job! The developer's time is way too hard to beat haha

This is a fun little puzzler. It's hard to believe this is your first game, the level of polish is really well done. Good job!

Thanks for trying! my interpretation of the limitation is that the player's character is an enemy and can cause a game over. Since colliding into your own snake body can cause a game over, it can be considered an enemy as well, hence meeting the limitation.

Thanks for the suggestions! As for the black transition rectangle it fully goes away on my side, so I am not sure what is the issue either. If anyone else faces this, please do let me know!

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Glad you enjoyed it!

Great art style, fun gameplay all packaged into one. The polish on the game is amazing as well, how your team got it all done in 48 hours is beyond me. A small problem I had was the text scrolling, but the other comments have already mentioned it. Overall a really well done game!

creative and fun game design! The game movement feels really smooth and the powerup mechanics are fun to play around with as well. The gameplay is a little hard and 'rage-inducing', but I'm pretty sure that was the game feel you were going with in the first place, so great job!

Yeah, at first I added those 50/50 questions to keep some RNG in the game and keep the multiplier at a relatively low amount, but I realised there were way too many of those questions after I published the game :( 

Once I can update the game, I am definitely removing those and making the game more skill-based. Thanks for trying! 

Those are some good ideas! I have been considering a potential release, your suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks for trying out the game :D

Really interesting concept and idea to mix a dice and the controls of the platformer.  The game is a little too hard, especially at the start of a platformer where people are still getting used to the movement. Still a really fun game though with a nice optional challenge of collecting the coins.

Would love if you can check out my game too!

Really cool take on the dice puzzlers, with very interesting and creative puzzles as well. The last puzzle took me some time to solve! The art and music was great too.

Would love if you can check out my game too!

A dice puzzler with a nice twist. The office theme also helps it stands out from the others. Very well polished as well! Great game!

Would love if you can check out my game too!

Very interesting game mechanic, though I feel that it can definitely be refined a little, as it seems like the best move most of the time is to randomize first. That being said, the game is still fun and the art and sounds are great too.

Would love if you can check out my game too!

Really fun concept that distinguishes itself from the other shooters. The dice being able to "pierce" to a smaller number is a nice touch too. There was also a nice attempt at preventing spamming by only giving points for equal shots. One improvement can be to change the bullet design slightly so it does not look identical to the enemies and cause any confusion.

Would love if you can check out my game too. Thanks!

A very nice take on a shooter with a rarity style weapon choice. I also really liked the art style, especially the card designs. A shame the game has some bugs so we could not get too far into the game though.

Would love if you can check out my game too. Thanks!

A really fun resource manager game with a lot of polish. The balancing of the health-morale-notoriety is also really fun. The art was also well done, I particularly love the card designs.

Would love if you can check out my game too. Thanks!