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Awesome work. I appreciate how good the controls felt while only using the mouse. Some really clever design choices and overall really enjoyable to play. Hope you keep working on this or at least use the physics work for a future project.

I always think it's amazing when people manage to make good rhythm games in only 48 hours. Focusing on the drums only was a bold choice, but it pays off when you get into some crazy solos by the end. This is the type of game that you can expand and iterate on a ton, so I hope you keep at it! Awesome work!

A simple concept, but really well explored. Art's straight out of third-generation pokemon and looks great. Could certainly expand into something greater and I hope you keep working at it after this jam is over. Awesome work!

Gorgeous visuals and movement feels great! It's a challenging game but I found a good spot in the boss's blindspot where I could aim carefully.  Awesome work! I hope this gets a lot of attention!

beautiful art and a really clever concept. Level design was solid, I hope you get to expand on this idea after the jam is through. Awesome work!

This is a great concept, though I admit it betrays most of my instincts since I always want to be at the very bottom of the screen. Presentation is great and there's lots of polish, I just wish the movement speed was faster to let me recover from mistakes a bit easier. Awesome work!

I loved this. It's charming, quick to understand, and just naturally entertaining. This deserves more attention. Awesome work and keep it up!

This is some of the best presentation I've seen in this jam. I really like the theming and the gamefeel is great. Took me a while to get the hang of bouncing people around but it became extremely satisfying. Awesome job and I hope you keep working on it or take these ideas to something greater.

This was awesome, simple concept with excellent execution. Took a little while to get used to gripping and letting go, but soon enough I was climbing all over the place. Really great work!

awesome concept, and it flows really well. Combos were satisfying and the attention to detail was clear. Good Job!

Cute characters and great physics. Just spinning around felt great. Awesome work!

Awesome work! Physics worked surprisingly well and the game got really fun in the more complex stages. One of my favorites from this jam.

Great presentation and a very interesting take on a simple idea. Awesome work!

One of the most fun games I've played in the jam. It wasn't immediately intuitive but once I got a good rhythm going I didn't want to stop. I appreciate the physics work on the ladder, but it could very well be a canned animation and would probably be more reliable. Great job!

Solid concept, but could use some polish. The presentation in general, menus and the rope simulation was great. Not having air control and having to pre-plan your diagonal jumps made things more complicated than they needed to be, not to mention the incredible vertical speed these jumps have. A good effort and I'm sure there's plenty you can add to it if you keep working after the jam is over.

Some wild b-game vibes from this! Felt great to bounce over everywhere even if most of the time I was just dooming myself. Keep working on this, I think it can grow into something awesome!

The art and animation is great! It's a shame you couldn't get more levels, but I hope you keep working on it after the jam is over, this has a ton of potential.

The art is gorgeous and the concept is great! There are some issues that would be easy to fix and would help the game enormously.

I have to say that the standard bindings did not work for me at all. Space and WD to move felt like the control scheme of an FPS and wasn't natural or comfortable at all in such a tight and fast platformer. WASD worked a bit better, but it wasn't until I changed the controls to arrow keys that things really clicked, since it freed one hand to only focus on banjo and spring and the other to focus on movement.

The idea of using the banjo to summon platforms is solid, but it ended up being a guessing game, not only to where the notes would end up appearing, to if using the banjo would activate them at all. Missing one or the other meant I had to wait until both my banjo playing animation and the actual notes reset, since there was never time to try more than once per activation, and the banjo only added platforms at the moment of use. I think, instead of having the little creatures that you activate with music, the game would be far cleaner if the notes always appeared where they would be, but were only solid if the banjo playing was active.

I also felt an immense urge to use the spring while jumping. I realize that this would be a really brutal change to the game design and would probably create issues with the physics, but it's something to consider if you ever expand on this project.

All in all, great work and I hope you keep at it.

This is a cool concept but I feel that there needs to be an incentive to keep the backpack close to you. Maybe the backpack attracts the orbs to you or makes you faster, but unable to shoot? I got very little enemies spawning while I played, so I'd increase that too, if possible. The visuals and geral presentation were really good, so I believe that with a bit more polish this could be an awesome game. Keep it up!

There's a lot of interesting ideas here, and I feel that with more time and polish it could evolve into something amazing.  All the menus being in-game is great, but 5 seconds feels way too long to get in and out of a settings menu. Being able to reset and remove extra pieces from your character is really valuable for the level design, but it also makes it really easy to make a mistake and be forced to reset, since the pieces never return. You also have to walk all the way to the exit to find out what shape you're aiming for before anything else. There's lots of creative ways to work through these shortcomings, so I hope you keep working and iterating on it. Awesome job!

Lots of fun. Physics felt solid and after a couple of minutes I was able to keep the field empty with a few lucky swings. If anything, I'd make the ball completely impervious to any impact from enemy fire, since that threw me off a lot, or I'd make the dash cost considerably less energy, since I almost never got a good moment to use it. Still, the concept and design are great and I hope you keep working and adding to it. Awesome job!

A good concept and solid execution. The dash felt good as did building up a huge web ball to destroy enemies when they bunched up. I hope you keep working on this after the jam. Great work!

spinning around felt great, if letting go of the magnet could be a button press instead of a hold, I feel like this could be an amazing game. Awesome effort, keep it up!

I've seen this idea done a few times in the jam, but this is my favorite version of it so far. The physics feel great, and throwing upward to get multiple jumps was awesome. Great work!

Excellent presentation, just the main menu alone has a ton of love put into it. Being able to course-correct midfall doesn't seem intended, but worked great for me. Nice work!

Reminds me of echochrome. Awesome idea but I couldn't get past the first screen.

Really unique concept and makes for some creative level design. Nice job!

Clear and direct concept, well polished and very cute. Good job! I'd recommend playing around with more open levels and allowing the player to get stuck more, since you could generally brute-force it easily with tight corridors

This was awesome! Really clever level design and a cool concept in general. Getting hurt to modify the size of the UI element was great. One of my favorite games from the jam so far.

Super chaotic in the higher dificulties. Things were surprisingly smooth and quick and got into a really good rhythm in the later stages. Nice job!

Really cool concept and amazing presentation! I ended up with a score of 384. Being able to quickly reset the wires was a great touch. Really impressive stuff.

A relatively simple concept executed in a great way. It felt really good to link two enemies and fly between them as they crash. Controls take some getting used to due to how fast the game is, but it's a fun ride the entire time.

I spent more time than I'm ready to admit trying to fit in the space between trucks.

Loved the humor, especially with the different sprites and sounds. An altogether really fun game.

a very clear concept and some awesome storytelling through the mechanics. Though I did at times get confused over which color was WASD and which was arrows.

Super creative and cute. I took a while to fully understand the mechanic but after that I was having a lot of fun organizing paths to keep my monster the way I wanted it. Awesome work, one of my favorites so far.

A clever idea. I wish the enemy's hitbox didn't count as your own and you could use them as a human shield and weapon, as the bullet hell gets pretty crazy pretty quickly. Plenty of fun and has a lot of room for growth.

Cool concept and it flows smoothly. Once you realize that grey atoms don't hurt you it becomes a rush to get the most points before the red atoms find you. I always plateaued at about 30. I wish the spawn points were made so they wouldn't activate if the player was too close, and I wish the bomb atoms were easier to notice immediately, but a fun game nonetheless.

Cool concept and well executed. I'm personally awful at tetris so this was extra distressing. Seemed to be slightly at odds with one game leaving the other harder, but that is perhaps the best way to make it focused on high score rather than levels. Great work!

It's a shame it wasn't finished in time. The presentation is solid and I think the game could expand to something really cool, like a Heat Signature.