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More mechanics than I was expecting in a small game; I'm impressed!
Getting to the finish line was punishing (I kept falling), but I love the style and pacing.

Thanks so much for playing! :D I appreciate the break-down.

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback. :)

:O Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
That last star, eh? ;)

Spread propaganda to your fellow llamas in this skill-based puzzler!

There are 5 levels, and for an added challenge you can try to get ALL the llamas in each one!


Background: This was made by Matt Woelk (twitter.com/MattWoelk) and Ben Bergman (twitter.com/uberben) with music by Justin Koop (twitter.com/TheKoop13) for Global Game Jam 2017 (last weekend).

We thought it was topical. ;)

The reaction dialog was randomly generated, and I hope you enjoy the humor and references. :)

Let me know how far you get, or if you take the challenge of getting all llamas in the last level! (Which I have only done once so far.)

Thanks for playing! :D

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I recommend the downloadable version for the best experience, but if you must use the in-browser one, you can click the fullscreen button (the far-right blue button at the bottom) and then the awkward window size won't get in the way.

I don't have direct control over how the embed happens though, so I can't improve that part, sorry.

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Also, is this with the in-browser version, or have you tried with the standalone version?

Posted in scaling error

Most of what falls outside the screen? Can you post a screenshot for me?

Thank you for the bug report!

Created a new topic Well, what did you think?

Hey! Thanks for checking out my game!

What did you think of it?

My team and I put a lot of work into this game (A whole weekend!), so let me know! :)

All feedback is appreciated!