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I didn't measure the framerate. I said it's below 25 FPS because I can tell by looking at it.

Feedback for hitting enemies and getting hit would be helpful. I got softlocked at the boss. A lack of sound overall really drags this game down for me. 

Gameplay is superb! No sound at all really drags the game down for me though. 

Very cool game! Everything is understandable right away without explanation and without having to read through anything, basically. I had a great time playing as far as I could. I wished there was some sort of meta-data about what level I am at and what does how much damage to who. Thanks for this! :)

It's my favorit one so far because it is finishable, yet I had to figure out how to collect certain coins without it getting annoying to do so. What really bothered me was the low framerate and the music loop. I don't even understand how you could get to below 25 FPS. Isn't that more work to actually achieve? Also when you decide to write a 4-Chord song in double time, add a good melody. This 10 second loop almost made me go insane. 

I think your intention was to increase the difficulty of each level which would go against the idea of randomly getting an order assigned. Fortunately, they weren't that much different in difficulty, apart from the first level. 

Movement is nice and hitting the coins works well too. Thanks for the game! :)

Got to wave 5 but unfortunately could not continue because of the bug you mentioned in the description. The camera zooms out when you complete a wave which is the exact camera position I'd love to have throughout. It's really cool that you created this on your own!

This was actually the most fun I've had so far playing my queue. I felt like I could get to the highscore but then some dice hit me without noticing and I got back to the menu. I would have loved a more fleshed out world but what you offer works. 

It runs really great, at least on my end. You get the game within 2 seconds and that's what you get for the whole time. It looks quite cool and aiming works but that's about all I can say about it. 

I like the idea but the gameplay made it so I didn't wanna try for much longer after getting Game Over several times. 

Look and animations are great! The enemies remind me of Monster Kid from Undertale. 

I beat the "Boss" but there is barely any visual or audio feedback for doing anything. No HP also means it doesn't matter if anything attacks you. Music didn't loop, which is a shame, since you created it yourself. 

Would have liked to play a more fleshed out game but that's just the nature of GameJams. Our Game didn't give us time for a proper ending either.

The concept of rolling your ammo shots is kind of pointless since each level is so short, that you just end up rushing through anyway and if you don't get enough ammo, you just cannot make it through. Having the music continue after a game over would be wise too, because you will have to reset constantly. The controls feel nice and the visuals give off a lot of potential. Thanks!

Couldn't play it myself unfortunately but I watched a friend play for a short while!

I got the normal ending! If anyone tells me how to get to the other one(s), let me know! :D

I liked the relaxing music and the puzzle at the end a lot. Thanks for your work! 

Das Fliegen funktioniert gut, wenn auch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig. Schade, dass es Null Sound gibt. Das etwas düstere Aussehen hätte auch mit etwas Ambient Sound vielmehr Leben. Danke für die Arbeit! :)

What a great open world you created! :D Unfortunately, the only fish I see are behind an invisible wall. Not sure if and how I should continue. The music and artstyle create a pretty cool atmosphere. I would have loved to keep playing if I knew how to. 

This is a real horror game for me, especially as a sound designer. The lack of any sound plus the lack of any hints as to where the next parts could be really bothers me. The models look good and I am guessing you created the alien yourself? Not sure without any kind of credits. Thanks for your entry! 

Score: 254

Hey! That was a very simple but perfect concept for this Gamejam's Theme! Give the circles some context, add a background and music and you would have one of the best entries here! The character controls feel really good and the animation looks smooth. The Game crashed when I died and I got softlocked in the death animation. 

Thanks for your work, even if you didn't use all the time you had :)

Ich kann das verbuggte Fenster leider nirgends mit dir teilen. Bin auch nicht einmal sicher, ob das ernst gemeint war. Sehr schade, dass das Spiel nicht weiter ist. Der Gameboy Grafik-Stil hält mich immer beim Ball :D. Wird denn weiter dran gearbeitet? Würde gerne das Spiel nochmal spielen.

It somehow crashed when I get hit by an enemy? I guess I died? Not sure. I like the SFX you created haha! Took me a second to figute out I could walk through the cracked walls. I hope I didn't miss any goal which would have led me to level 2. Otherwise, I think I saw everything. It controls nicely and the SFX do their job of making it feel more alive. 

Ohh it's like a nice little Mario Party Minigame. Took me a second to realize I have to only let go of the right mouse button in order to send them flying. Thanks for your work :)

Visually, this is the best entry from what I've played so far and I wouldn't be surprised if it stays that way. The music helps create a fitting atmosphere. I found homing missiles and that holding right click does something on my own but wouldn't have understood how these two work together without your comment here. I spent a lot of time walking around destroying enemies and spawn points but nothing new really popped up. Should it?

Again huge respect to the art you created in this short amount of time. :)

Nice interior look! It doesn't feel good to be outside though, which could be intentional. The music seems to be in an audio-uncanny valley. It created a really uncomfortable mood after a while xD. Props to your siblings for the cat look and sound. Those were good! Everything I could do control wise worked properly for me :)

It gets crazier the more you play! :D It controls well, but I wonder why you put jump and dash on J and K? This is a really great and simple way to utilize this Gamejam's theme. We had a hard time coming up with a fitting gameplay mechanic around it this time. I wish the thunder and enemies had SFX as well for obvious reasons. I think the music gets old pretty quick.  Thanks for your work :)

I escaped! I was expecting a backrooms-game but it's rather the starting region of Portal. I like the design of it it all! It controls a bit floaty and some more feedback for picking up / pushing things would feel better. This was a nice, quick demo though!  Thanks :)

The Music rocks! Did one of you guys create it? With no credits at all I don't know who did what.

The concept is really fun. Unfortunately I soon realized that the guards will never catch up to you and you can maneuver them into the walls while you stand there collecting points (which don't do anything)

Thanks for the entry! 

Ich komme beim 2. Level nicht zum Ziel. Ohne Musik und ordentliche Visuals habe ich auch keine Motivation das noch länger als ein paar mal zu probieren. Thema kann ich verstehen, ist aber nicht im Spiel wiederzufinden. Die Bewegung in eine Richtung hängt auch einfach manchmal. Und es gibt mehrere Geschwindigkeiten? Wie? 

 Gibt recht wenig, was mich beim spielen hält und dabei habe ich noch ein paar Fragen :/

Hatte 1500 Punkte! Mir gefällt das Konzept und die kleinen Minispiele haben mich überrascht! Die Omas spawnen nach je nachdem wie viel Aufgaben man schon erledigt hat, oder? Wäre gut, wenn es einen weg gäbe die Tasks machen zu können ohne angegriffen zu werden. Man kann's schon cheesen, aber das dauert halt auch. Finde die Musik sehr lustig hier :D