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Hi there,

Save data (and settings) is located in Users\[Your Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Manekoware\Catlateral Damage_ Remeowstered. You can open this location easily by pressing Win + R, copy & pasting "%UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Manekoware\Catlateral Damage_ Remeowstered" in the "Open:" box, and clicking "OK".

Hi there,

Sorry the game is crashing for you! Could you send your Player.log file to so I can investigate?

Here's how you can find that file:

  1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the "Run" dialog
  2. Copy and paste this path into the "Open:" box: %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Manekoware\Catlateral Damage_ Remeowstered
  3. Click "OK"
  4. The Player.log file should be in the folder that opens



Hi there! Steam keys are only included with individual purchases.

As noted on the Ukraine bundle pagePlease note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the page.

We're not currently accepting submissions for new cats in the game, unfortunately. But if we do in the future, we'll definitely post it on our Twitter and Discord!

Yeah, sorry about that. There are still a few issues I haven't had time to fix up yet, so I kept it private for now. The password is just the name of the jam if you'd still like to check it out though.

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Here are some common questions I've seen in various places. I'll update this post as time goes on if more come up!

Why is this a new game instead of a free update to Catlateral Damage?

The original codebase was written in Unity's version of JavaScript (or, "UnityScript") and is not easily scalable due to how it was structured. Adding new content and features to the original game would be quite cumbersome and very prone to bugs. Rebuilding the game using C# in an updated version of Unity allows for a more solid foundation for new content, updated features, and other improvements that wouldn't be feasible in the original game.

What's new or different in Remeowstered?

There are several differences between Catlateral Damage and Remeowstered, namely a completely revamped progression system through levels, persistent cat stats and abilities, and some other minor changes (e.g. how the catnip power-up works). In terms of additions, there are new cat models and animations, new objects to topple, new cat photos to collect, new tasks to complete, a new game mode, and new cat abilities (like a hold-and-release charged swat).

Will the game support macOS and Linux?

The game will not be officially supported on macOS and Linux. The number of issues that arise from those platforms far outweigh the number of players compared to Windows. On macOS specifically, developers now must also go through a time-consuming process to distribute their applications properly. I may, however, offer experimental macOS and Linux builds as-is for players who want to attempt to play on their platform of choice.

Will the game include VR support?

The game will not have VR support at launch, but I will be evaluating it post-launch as a possible update.

Will there be multiplayer?

I'd love to add local co-op, but it is a substantial amount of work for a solo developer. I will be evaluating it post-launch as a possible update.

Hi there!

There are a list of improvements and additions at the bottom of the game page, but I can go into some more detail.

While the core gameplay of knocking things onto the floor remains the same, the progression systems were completely redesigned. In the original game, all levels were procedurally generated, there was a lot of randomness with how you experienced new content, and it didn't track much of your progress. In Remeowstered, there's a new Goals mode with persistent levels where you complete various tasks to unlock new levels (in addition to a Procedural mode and the return of Litter Box mode). There is also a new cat treat collectible that you can collect to unlock persistent stat boosts, special abilities (like a charged swat, a forward dash, and a double jump), and new cat photos (rather than randomly finding them in levels).

Regarding new content, there are brand new tasks (like toppling specific categories of items or finding toys), new gameplay mechanics (moths to catch, robot vacuums to ride, napping), ~30 new cat photos, and some new objects to topple that weren't in the original. Lots of things were updated as well, such as toilet paper unrolling, cat models, general visuals and effects, and even the entire soundtrack (plus one new track for the Pawliday Den level).

Basically, to me if feels like a more refined version of the original game that is more substantial. If you liked the original, Remeowstered is a bunch more of that plus the option to play on some new platforms that you couldn't play the original on. I hope that helps!

No worries!

I'm planning on doing some testing on Linux soon to see if it's viable for me to support it. It should at least be easier to get a Linux version working than a macOS one. Oh, and I have done a quick test with the Windows version on Proton so that theoretically should be an option as well.

Hi there,

Supporting macOS has become much more difficult recently due to some updated Apple requirements and processes, unfortunately. While I don't think we can officially support it, I'm planning on making an "unsupported" macOS version of the game available in the future with a disclaimer that it may not fully work as expected.

Sorry about that!

Hmm, it look like this is a new security feature with Big Sur and not something with the game itself. Unfortunately, I don't have a recent macOS device to test with, so I can't verify a fix myself.

It looks like there may be some commands you could try in Terminal to fix permissions and allow the game to run. First off, this video might be a good starting point: 

You could also try this command before or after the steps in the video (replace "/Applications/" with the path to the game):

codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/

Let me know if this helps!

Hi there!

Can you try some of the fixes in this thread to see if that fixes the issue? Let me know if it still doesn't work after that. Thanks!

Hi there!

In the "CatlateralDamage_Data" folder next to the application there should be a file called "output_log.txt". Can you email that file to There may be a clue as to why this is happening in that file. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into this.

Are you using the 64-bit version of the game? The original (32-bit) version won't work on newer versions of macOS.

Hi there!

Which controller are you using? And on what operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux)?

I don't believe the OUYA version is still available. There was an updated version available on the Razer Forge through Cortex (OUYA's successor), but I believe that is also no longer available.

Hi there!

Can you share a screenshot of the error message you're seeing or just copy the text here? Thanks!

Purrfect is the highest quality setting, and the game should default to that when setting options to default.

This could be an issue with where the game files are located (see this thread). Can you try moving the game files to a new location and playing the tutorial and let me know if it works? Thanks!

This could be an issue with where the game files are located (see this thread). If you move the game files to a new location you should be able to progress past the tutorial.

You should be able to select The Unarchiver to extract the files once you fully download the .zip from your game page (not pausing the download) by right-clicking the "Catlateral Damage v1.0.8 Mac" file in Finder. If that doesn't work, you can try moving the game files to another folder and running the app from there. Let me know if you're still having issues playing!

Are you getting a particular error message? If you're seeing the "Catlateral Damage cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified" message, you can try the steps here: Moving the extracted files to another folder may help as well.

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Hi there!

I'm sorry the game caused you to have motion sickness! I'd love for there to be a third-person view, but I wasn't able to do it while the game was in development back in 2015 and it's unfortunately not feasible to add to the game at this point for various reasons. You may be able to mitigate your motion sickness by increasing the field of view in the game settings and/or playing in windowed mode rather than fullscreen though.

I am, however, currently working on a remaster of the game which is more likely to get a third-person view at some point. It'll also have an increased default field of view to help with motion sickness as well.


Hi there!

This may be caused by the method used to extract the .zip file. You can try right-clicking the .zip file, selecting "Open With", and then selecting an archiving app (e.g. the default Archive Utility) instead of just double-clicking the .zip file. You may also want to try downloading The Unarchiver (free app) and using that to extract the game files.


Hi there!

You can locate and delete the settings file to restore them to their default values if you can't set them in-game.

  • On Windows, control settings are saved in a ControlBindings key located in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ChrisChung\Catlateral Damage
  • On macOS, the settings are located at your ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a file named unity.ChrisChung.Catlateral Damage.plist
  • On Linux, the settings are located at ~/.config/unity3d/ChrisChung/Catlateral Damage


Hi there!

I've added a .ZIP of the VR version to the game's files. It still requires Steam VR to function but you shouldn't need to login to Steam or have redeemed a Steam key for the base game.



I just updated the Linux build with a 64-bit version which should fix this issue.


Hi there!

Can you send an email to with proof of purchase? Forwarding the email receipt or taking a screenshot of the game in your account is fine.


Ah, glad you got it figured out! :)

Thanks for the report! I've uploaded a new version that allocates less memory, so hopefully that fixes it.