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Catlateral Damage

The premier first-person destructive house cat simulator! · By Manekoware

Support Query - Stuck in tutorial (SOLVED)

A topic by Apparance Studios created Nov 25, 2016 Views: 1,240 Replies: 5
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Hi, my daughter and I have been trying to play but are stuck in the tutorial. The game doesn't register that we've knocked the picture off the wall. We can get everything else, but the picture just lies on the floor (we can still hit it around). Also, at this point the Quit option in the menu doesn't work so we have to switch out and terminate the program. Any additional information I can give you to help diagnose the problem? My daughter loves the idea and really wants to play.




Followup: Looks like it doesn't like being 'installed' in Program Files, and presumably other locations requiring admin rights. Moving it to desktop folder is fine. Thanks!


Ah, glad you got it figured out! :)

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Ran into this myself and was going to report it. I'd like it to be fixed properly though and it's in your interest! I'm the Gentoo Linux games team lead and I'd like to add this game to our repository. This would give you added exposure. It would be involve users downloading the purchased zip from here, sticking it in a folder, and the package manager would install it system wide with a menu icon and so on. That doesn't work when the save data is written to the system-wide location. Where should it go? There are already a couple of files, prefs and Player.log, written to ~/.config/unity3d/ChrisChung/Catlateral Damage, and it should live alongside these. I had the same issue with Assault Android Cactus+, which is also Unity-based, and they were kind enough to fix it for me. Please could you do the same?

P.S. Thanks for keeping my daughter entertained for an afternoon!


I had the same problem on MacOS.  Moving the game app to a different folder fixed the problem.

Thank you so much! I was having the same problem and now I can fix it!!

Same problem. I moved it to a different folder and even reinstalled but it didn't fix it.