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If you meant 'how do I implement this' then that's another question.  Probably best to start tinkering in Unity, perhaps with some existing game examples.  Move as much of the 'magic numbers' and 'adjustable properties' out to some central place so they can be saved and loaded, then you have a basis to start 'mutating' the games behaviour, or spawning new games (new files) that can be played too

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The 'make game' button is a bit of a holy grail, but I could imagine that since many games ideas are highly parameterised you could have a succession of games effectively bred from previous versions by 'mutating' those parameters as you go.  Not sure if this could include as large a change as switching genre, without an awful lot of work, but perhaps if the 'engine' was a mixture of types then you could just blend between them as the parameters change.  This is along the lines of genetic algorithms and 'breeding' of systems like the Biomorphs in The Blind Watchmaker.

Thank Jupiter! I had been following the videos hoping you would get to mine :) Sorry there was no physics/collision, ran out of time as you say. I'm glad you liked the cakes though :)

Thank you for taking it for a spin. It's good to hear of enticing ideas and experiences. There is lots of potential to create experiences you describe. At the moment there are several areas Apparance lacks before being what i'd call 'game ready'. To move more rapidly in this direction however I'm going to explore Unreal integration of the tech. This should allow combinations of conventional game construction and procedural generation and layout.

It'd be great to hear from you after you've had a look through the examples and editor. Let me know how you got on and what you think of the project.


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Hi, my daughter and I have been trying to play but are stuck in the tutorial. The game doesn't register that we've knocked the picture off the wall. We can get everything else, but the picture just lies on the floor (we can still hit it around). Also, at this point the Quit option in the menu doesn't work so we have to switch out and terminate the program. Any additional information I can give you to help diagnose the problem? My daughter loves the idea and really wants to play.




Followup: Looks like it doesn't like being 'installed' in Program Files, and presumably other locations requiring admin rights. Moving it to desktop folder is fine. Thanks!