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Apparance (Beta)

Fully procedural game development system (early access public beta). Editor and demos available now! · By Apparance

What Do You Think? Sticky

A topic by Apparance created Apr 05, 2017 Views: 369 Replies: 3
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It'd be great to hear from you after you've had a look through the examples and editor. Let me know how you got on and what you think of the project.


Well, Bartwe of the Staxel project retweeted your announcement and I like the heck out of procedural games. Problem is, most end up being a huge disappointment since many don't get properly implemented. (my steam is a graveyard of abandonware)
I am always looking for new stuff along this line since I think, as a game design element, procedurals help make repeat play interesting and fresh. Plus, I have always imagined a peak moment for procedural gaming where the walking simulator joins forces to create an endless, continuing world filled with wilderness as well as metropolitan places. Or, something like the trucking sims but it's a world with new and interesting terrain and roads that challenge and beckon the player.
I see that your piece is likely a tool one could use to make cities quickly for games. I like that idea and see it as a useful tool. All I would like to do with it is make custom assets and see how I could balance the arrangements out. Then I would take interesting parts of the generated city and try to illustrate them as if they were real or try to make them in another engine and see what they look like fleshed out. Having the engine to some of the basic work for me would allow me to spend my energy taking a nuanced procedural component and flesh it out into a full concept.
As it stands, this was a blast to play with. I really would just like a game where I could walk through an infinitely expanding city at a resolution somewhere beneath Grand Theft Auto 5 so it could stay crisp and interesting. I can't tell you how many hours I dumped into Bernband and that place never changes.


Thank you for taking it for a spin. It's good to hear of enticing ideas and experiences. There is lots of potential to create experiences you describe. At the moment there are several areas Apparance lacks before being what i'd call 'game ready'. To move more rapidly in this direction however I'm going to explore Unreal integration of the tech. This should allow combinations of conventional game construction and procedural generation and layout.

Rad! Keep it up! I hope for your success :)