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Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

The premier first-person destructive house cat simulator is back with a vengeance! · By Manekoware

Idk if I can justify the purrchase when I already own the original

A topic by Devpaws created Sep 21, 2021 Views: 795 Replies: 4
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The description isn't very in depth. Aside from a bit better graphics and new environments, it just seems like the same game on its surface imo. I own the original, so what's really driving me to buy this when the core gameplay is seemingly identical? Owners of the original don't even get a separate discount of what is self admittedly a remaster? Maybe I'm being a bit nitpicky, idk. Can you be more specific in what the changes outside the extra environments / items entail? (unintentional pun) Or could you consider releasing a demo?


Hi there!

There are a list of improvements and additions at the bottom of the game page, but I can go into some more detail.

While the core gameplay of knocking things onto the floor remains the same, the progression systems were completely redesigned. In the original game, all levels were procedurally generated, there was a lot of randomness with how you experienced new content, and it didn't track much of your progress. In Remeowstered, there's a new Goals mode with persistent levels where you complete various tasks to unlock new levels (in addition to a Procedural mode and the return of Litter Box mode). There is also a new cat treat collectible that you can collect to unlock persistent stat boosts, special abilities (like a charged swat, a forward dash, and a double jump), and new cat photos (rather than randomly finding them in levels).

Regarding new content, there are brand new tasks (like toppling specific categories of items or finding toys), new gameplay mechanics (moths to catch, robot vacuums to ride, napping), ~30 new cat photos, and some new objects to topple that weren't in the original. Lots of things were updated as well, such as toilet paper unrolling, cat models, general visuals and effects, and even the entire soundtrack (plus one new track for the Pawliday Den level).

Basically, to me if feels like a more refined version of the original game that is more substantial. If you liked the original, Remeowstered is a bunch more of that plus the option to play on some new platforms that you couldn't play the original on. I hope that helps!


Thanks for such a detailed response, it helps a lot :3

I know I sound greedy but I do wish there was a discount for owners of the original to "upgrade" so to speak. But please don't listen to me as I am sure you have already thought about this and have priced it at a place where you feel comfortable. I have regularly bought meals more expensive this game and this seems like a game that anyone who loves cats or the original should play. Based on your reply above it a lot of work was put into this version of the game; it seems like it could almost be a sequel (but then people would complain it is too similar to the original). 

I got the original version of this game through the Palestinian Aid bundle, so the only thing that is keeping me from justifying buying the remeowstered version at the moment is the really massive backlog that same bundle created for me. For now, I've added this version of the game to my wish list collection so that I don't forget about it. <3