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Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

The premier first-person destructive house cat simulator is back with a vengeance! · By Manekoware

Linux support?

A topic by JordiGH created Sep 21, 2021 Views: 338 Replies: 2
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Sorry for the port begging, but, yeah… I really enjoyed the previous Linux port.

Hopefully that doesn’t have the post-Catalina trouble that the Mac port has.


No worries!

I'm planning on doing some testing on Linux soon to see if it's viable for me to support it. It should at least be easier to get a Linux version working than a macOS one. Oh, and I have done a quick test with the Windows version on Proton so that theoretically should be an option as well.

I too would like a Linux port! But I know how it is usually not worth it, so if anyone knows if it runs well on wine or Lutris please tell me!