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Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

The premier first-person destructive house cat simulator is back with a vengeance! · By Manekoware

Frequently Asked Questions Sticky

A topic by Manekoware created Sep 21, 2021 Views: 788 Replies: 2
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Developer (1 edit)

Here are some common questions I've seen in various places. I'll update this post as time goes on if more come up!

Why is this a new game instead of a free update to Catlateral Damage?

The original codebase was written in Unity's version of JavaScript (or, "UnityScript") and is not easily scalable due to how it was structured. Adding new content and features to the original game would be quite cumbersome and very prone to bugs. Rebuilding the game using C# in an updated version of Unity allows for a more solid foundation for new content, updated features, and other improvements that wouldn't be feasible in the original game.

What's new or different in Remeowstered?

There are several differences between Catlateral Damage and Remeowstered, namely a completely revamped progression system through levels, persistent cat stats and abilities, and some other minor changes (e.g. how the catnip power-up works). In terms of additions, there are new cat models and animations, new objects to topple, new cat photos to collect, new tasks to complete, a new game mode, and new cat abilities (like a hold-and-release charged swat).

Will the game support macOS and Linux?

The game will not be officially supported on macOS and Linux. The number of issues that arise from those platforms far outweigh the number of players compared to Windows. On macOS specifically, developers now must also go through a time-consuming process to distribute their applications properly. I may, however, offer experimental macOS and Linux builds as-is for players who want to attempt to play on their platform of choice.

Will the game include VR support?

The game will not have VR support at launch, but I will be evaluating it post-launch as a possible update.

Will there be multiplayer?

I'd love to add local co-op, but it is a substantial amount of work for a solo developer. I will be evaluating it post-launch as a possible update.

Firstly, thank you for remeowstering this great game. Everything looks and feel very nice and polished.

But if there's one thing I could add it would be an option for "classic" mode with timer. I feel the energy system kills the pacing by incentivicing to play slow and meticulously and even stop when you are running out of energy. Even though I usually hate timers on most games, in the original Catlateral damage part of the fun was the frantic search for something to topple to meet the goal before time ran out. I feel the timer made you play in a more fun way: always thinking on your feet, never stopping.

The other thing I'm missing from the original is that playing the levels one-by-one feels a bit awkward. Running through all randomized levels one after another for a combined highscore made a fun and varied experience every time even though actually getting a record score somewhat depended on luck.

I don't know if I'm just missing something, but is there a way to do short jumps? Because one of the level keys -- I had to look up where it was, because I was completely unable to find it on  my own -- is somewhere that's too high to get by just walking, but too low to get by normal jumping; especially when I'd unlocked purrks, which I'd been worried about since it was an issue in the original game. However, unlike in the original game, I haven't been able to get to half-elevations like this by doing essentially a controlled fall; so I'm worried that I'm forever locked out of what had been my favourite level in the original game, unless I uninstall then reinstall the game, since there doesn't seem to be any option to remove purrks.