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I feel like I'm too stupid for this game.

but the graphics and the music are amazing.

Nice gameplay, fantastic art, and the music is neat! Great job. I really liked the animations you've put as well

this is a work of art, loved every second of it (I still haven't finished it)

Absolute gold of a game

MII but better. I LOVE IT!

Very polished, the art is amazing, music also very good, controls are at first hard to get used to but are very easy to master, GREAT GAME!

hmm, I think as long as it's yours it's ok

Everything is written on the jam page in "Questions"
"Will i get any rewards from winning? - No.. Its just a fun Game Jam to have Fun in"

Love the art

It was hard to control but it was fun
Great game

ce jeu était amusant.
J'ai aimé que vous deviez livrer le pain à la boulangerie.
l'art est très bon 

It was fun to slay the enemies but after a while, you find yourself swarmed by them and the game starts to slow down when there are many instances of them. I love that there are many upgrades! but I feel this game could use a not linear upgrading system. Great game

I'm glad you liked it

fun toy to play around with, sadly there's no erase tool.
the ai is GREAT, I love the thing when I color one part of the image the ai catches up with that a colors the same part, also when I outline something the ai ALSO do this with me. I am very interested in knowing how it does that.

Thank you for the post!
I'm afraid that I won't be able to fix it until the voting period ends. But feedback like yours gives me the motivation to finish this game, which I really appreciate!

The best game since! I cannot stop playing. The way that the square changes color is just so satisfying. I crave more one-pixel games 

Nice poem? game? Just I don't really know if it is a platformer since there's no jumping.
Also, you should double-check if the resolution really is 64x64 or less.

It reminds me of the Witness, but the puzzles are confusing, I still can't get why are there weird lines and numbers, and some of them are not centered? Nice graphics though.

The art is fantastic, and the game has excellent mechanics though the compressed music sort of breaks it. Still a lovely game, and probably would be a blast to play with friends... but I have not so many of


well, at least you submitted something, even if it isn't finished. Good luck in the next jam

thank you for playing, yes music and art were made by me

no need, just play this gam

It's very similar to Yume Nikki. It feels like a fever dream

the graphics well are unusual. the player seems too slow, most of the time I held shift. I had fun playing

I loved that game but it does require some polish, also  the thing you do with audio that it's different on either side is amazing

Great game,  I couldn't figure out  some levels, wished for snappier movoment

I'll never do drugs again

Nice game. I like that enemies have unique fighting patterns, weird that music can be only heard in one ear.

Fantastic game, the patterns are sometimes a bit confusing, good thing that there's a preview of the level in the top right corner.

The game was amazing , I will never sleep again

I do plan to make an update to this game someday, I'll definitely look into that

egg puns

thanks for you feedback, if you are stuck on some level you can use s button to skip

I had fun collecting pointless yellow duck tapes, wished for clouds to not switch directions so rapidly and have a sin wave movement, overall a really nice game

At first, I was hesitant to submit an unfinished game, but then I thought that If I don't do it, I'll probably never finish it. Thanks for enjoying it anyway

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YAY! thanks

can I have multiple pallets and just swap them sometimes?

like for example First part of a game has black and white and then it changes to red and blue

yeah thank you xd

omg THANK YOU SO MUCH, I keep forgetting that 3 is AFTER the 2