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fixed in 1.11

If you put chunions in containment dingus and then take them out, you get the same message as if you'd taken out the fuse.

If you give Miranda the Squidgy or the diodes, they disappear.  She won't take chunions for them.

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0: Welcome back!  I missed y'all.  

1: Woo!  Runs on Big Sur.  Thank you.

2: If you give the Space-PETA cadet your papers, it jumps straight to the reactor meltdown, but the mission doesn't update and the timed issues get odd.  For instance, you get the Tim and Jack fight w/ only one of them present and it should be bypassed anyway. 

3: I was able to take Jack's pills and get past Miranda.  But!  The mission didn't update, and every time I spoke to her or read her mind after that, she still was on the zener card.  She probably should have speech/thoughts about the upcoming mass mummification.

4: I had trouble with the reactor task.  Sometimes it wouldn't let me put the diode in the left reactor.  Other times it did, but that never made a difference.  

5: I don't know what I was supposed to do to finish the episode.  Not sure how to separate the squidgy thing.  I put it in the containment field thing (outside the reactor room) and there was no effect.

6: I expected that when I removed the diode from the containment field thing, there'd be some kind of countdown to a giant explosion, and that I'd have to be clever (with the teleport/teleport target thing) to get there fast enough to not kill us all.

FWIW, still failing in Big Sur...

Got it. Tnx. 

Did 1.7 ever get approved by Apple?  I haven’t seen it for iOS

Update: Undoing and re-doing FileVault does not help.  App does nothing on Catalina after that 07:55.608 error.

will keep trying as they and you update...

Leaving this here in case it affects others.

App not starting under Catalina: generates blank window and does nothing.  Is possible to quit.

Michaels-MacBook-Pro:MacOS mcroft$ ./Thunderbeam 
objc[920]: Class AVAudioPlayer is implemented in both /System/Library/Frameworks/AVFoundation.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Versions/A/AVFAudio (0x7fff9389c7a0) and /Users/mcroft/Downloads/ (0x101a86de0). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
objc[920]: Class AVAudioSession is implemented in both /System/Library/Frameworks/AVFoundation.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/AVFAudio.framework/Versions/A/AVFAudio (0x7fff9389c840) and /Users/mcroft/Downloads/ (0x101a86e58). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.
2019-07-21 22:07:54.759 Thunderbeam[920:14831] NSSoftLinking - The function 'SLSIsSuppressedByScreenTime' can't be found in the (null) framework.
2019-07-21 22:07:55.567 Thunderbeam[920:14831] TBSave Init
2019-07-21 22:07:55.567 Thunderbeam[920:14831] TBAudio init
2019-07-21 22:07:55.608 Thunderbeam[920:14831] *** +[NSString stringWithCString:encoding:]: NULL cString

Google provides possible StackOverflow reference:

Attempting to decrypt FileVault on HD, will try again after decrypt complete (2 hours).

Catalina finally deprecates 32 bit apps. 

I'm sure it's no surprise, but I thought I'd make sure it was officially on your radar.  Or whatever you're using. :)

Hopefully also the darkmapLab  and the mislabeled mission step 6 (says 5 again in the case statement and is unreachable (hopefully I already reported that one)).

cool!  I was just wondering if you guys had a cadence in mind for releases.

Recombinated 3 chunions.  Didn't get anything back.  Had to get more chunions. :)

1: take test one

2: teleport back (it goes wrong!)

3: get teleporter from skelly

4: jack takes first one.

5: teleport again.

6: hi jack, 

7: get pills from jack’s cabinet

But I don’t know why I got them.

 Think he did, and I followed him before I talked to Mirand a.  Let me recreate.

1: I don't recall.  I've started a bunch of different characters.  But it seemed like I shouldn't have them after a certain point.  No worries if this is expected or OK.  I just like to try things in the wrong order.

2: very much so.  It was unexpected, but kinda cool, in a weird way.  I am not sure if that closes off getting pills for the 2nd test, or if I just didn't understand why I got them when I did.

yeah, I was playing with the modding instructions and I used the Atom files to figure out what to put in the BBEdit file.  Because I can do a lot, but not "learn another Text Editor". :)

I created the start of a BBEdit Syntax File for Squirrel .  If anyone uses it and has improvements, let me know!

Not sure if these are expected or just strange...

If I get the exam papers before I meet Miranda, I get to keep the exam papers when I go in.  

When jack takes the hyper node and I'm in the meditation room and Miranda tells me to walk back, my inclination is to teleport back.  When I do that, Jack isn't in the lab when I return.

Once I read the mod instructions and ran from the console, it turned out to be pretty basic.  ep1.nut line 1839 calls for darkmapLab, but the file is named darkmap_lab.

Crashing on my MBP running 10.14.5 Beta (18F127a)

Have crash dump, if wanted.

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Well, the good news is it's repeatable for me with this build.  Inv full or not full 

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iPad Pro 2nd gen, 12.3 dev beta iOS.

I first got info on the pills from the student (Agatha), and they were slightly sticky, then I consumed them and it dumped me right out.  Inventory might've been full, if that matters.

I have a crashlog.  Do you want it or does test flight automatically send them to you?

If you want it, how do you want it?

This happens when you open the brainwave drawer and the brainwave machine at the same time. 

Also, I didn’t realize there was a drawer, until the tape didn’t play. 

Hmm.  Checking history... (yay, history!)

It was called Hypnocyclotrol-9, I don’t remember where I got it, and I may be wrong about it doing nothing.

It definitely was o 200, star -100, waves 800, plus 800

I was 160, 350, 430, 420 before taking it and 360, 350, 430, 420 afterwards. 

That could be unrelated, but that’s the data I have. 

I took a thing of pills (because, hey, I'm apparently reckless), and there was no change in my stats or any other evidence that I'd done anything.

Everything (tapes, chunions, hyper nodes, etc) all say that "Life Functions Detected", which seems odd.

Mission to teleport stays on the "mission" button after I have successfully teleported.

Again, not sure the cause, but I attempted to give chunions to the itchy girl at the front (back?) of the ship, and I ended up walking into the recombination machine room without actually tapping anything to do it.  That's a "not every time" behavior.

In screenshot above, item box from another screen followed me through three or four screens.  I will also work on recreating this.

iPad Pro 2nd gen, 1st build

Stuck at origin(?)

Symptoms are that I can click on anything, but DeeDee can't walk to it so she doesn't engage with it.  With people, the talk menu doesn't come up. 

Best guess is that I tried to talk to a moving person near the door, but I haven't reduced the test case.

Also, sorry the screenshot is so big.  I'll try to make them smaller.

going to put individual items in replies to this topic, so you all don't get crossed up about what's what

Hi Thunderbeam team!  

I'm going to split my comments into a feedback post and an issues/defects post.  As you get further along and need more structure in reports from us testers, we can follow whatever conventions work best for you.

This feedback is on an iPad Pro 2nd gen running the latest dev beta of iOS.

I've gotten through the first test, and am looking for something to align me with Miranda so I can read her mind.  This is playable and the puzzles I've solved so far seem solvable. :)

  • I'd like access to the options without quitting.  I can adjust the volume without quitting.
  • I'd like to be able to run, or skip rooms.  maybe double tap on the exit moves you to the next scene?  If I'm going long distances, it would also be nice to have a map of places I've been and let me walk there quickly (or maybe that's the hypernode/teleporter, but that seems (so far) limited to one destination).
  • I'd like feedback the first time when I drop an item because I picked up something else.  
  • On wide scenes that have to scroll, if I click on (for instance) the door at the other end, it scrolls back to me as I walk to the far door.
  • Chunions are a menace
    • I'm not sure there's a limit on chunions.  I've probably left a dozen lying around.
    • people who have nothing will "trade" for bags of chunions.
    • Twice when I gave someone chunions, I ran out of the room.
    • It can be hard to pick things up when the floor of the room is littered with bags of chunions.
    • giving toxoplasmosis chunions to the cat seems unkind.