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A topic by Mad Carew created May 02, 2019 Views: 86 Replies: 1
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Hi Thunderbeam team!  

I'm going to split my comments into a feedback post and an issues/defects post.  As you get further along and need more structure in reports from us testers, we can follow whatever conventions work best for you.

This feedback is on an iPad Pro 2nd gen running the latest dev beta of iOS.

I've gotten through the first test, and am looking for something to align me with Miranda so I can read her mind.  This is playable and the puzzles I've solved so far seem solvable. :)

  • I'd like access to the options without quitting.  I can adjust the volume without quitting.
  • I'd like to be able to run, or skip rooms.  maybe double tap on the exit moves you to the next scene?  If I'm going long distances, it would also be nice to have a map of places I've been and let me walk there quickly (or maybe that's the hypernode/teleporter, but that seems (so far) limited to one destination).
  • I'd like feedback the first time when I drop an item because I picked up something else.  
  • On wide scenes that have to scroll, if I click on (for instance) the door at the other end, it scrolls back to me as I walk to the far door.
  • Chunions are a menace
    • I'm not sure there's a limit on chunions.  I've probably left a dozen lying around.
    • people who have nothing will "trade" for bags of chunions.
    • Twice when I gave someone chunions, I ran out of the room.
    • It can be hard to pick things up when the floor of the room is littered with bags of chunions.
    • giving toxoplasmosis chunions to the cat seems unkind.

“giving toxoplasmosis chunions to the cat seems unkind.” 😂

I’m not sure how skipping rooms might work. Right now you do run if you place a floor target over a certain distance away. I’ve been thinking a point-to-point teleport in the same room would be a good power for the circle meter. It would also be cool to do a ship-map with fast travel but we don’t yet have room-to-room pathfinding (that’s high on our list of stuff to do, along with fixing hit boxes for weird sized npc's and adding auto carriage returns and skipping forward to the dialogue window)