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Some of the "what is this item for" and "why are there so many of this item" feelings are due to the fact that the recombinator hasn't been deeply explored yet. There's a handful of object types- consumables, devices, critters, and brainwave tapes. Right now only consumables can be used with the recombinator, but soon other types of item will be. 

That's all expected behavior. You got them because you're a sneaky jerk who swipes stuff from people's cabinets :)

Cool! We use squirrel syntax highlighting for Atom & it works nicely. 

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if you’re a magenta shirt Miranda knows you by sight and lets you in without papers. 

You can teleport but it would prob take you someplace else besides the lab :)

Possible spoiler


On this one, where did you get the pills, from Jack or from a student?

“giving toxoplasmosis chunions to the cat seems unkind.” 😂

I’m not sure how skipping rooms might work. Right now you do run if you place a floor target over a certain distance away. I’ve been thinking a point-to-point teleport in the same room would be a good power for the circle meter. It would also be cool to do a ship-map with fast travel but we don’t yet have room-to-room pathfinding (that’s high on our list of stuff to do, along with fixing hit boxes for weird sized npc's and adding auto carriage returns and skipping forward to the dialogue window)

Thanks for posting these! I’m thinking of maybe making our Trello bug board public so y’all can track bug fixes along with us. 

Adding all these now. Keep em comin'!