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if you’re a magenta shirt Miranda knows you by sight and lets you in without papers. 

You can teleport but it would prob take you someplace else besides the lab :)

1: I don't recall.  I've started a bunch of different characters.  But it seemed like I shouldn't have them after a certain point.  No worries if this is expected or OK.  I just like to try things in the wrong order.

2: very much so.  It was unexpected, but kinda cool, in a weird way.  I am not sure if that closes off getting pills for the 2nd test, or if I just didn't understand why I got them when I did.

Jack should have come to the lab even if you took that detour, so I’m interested to see why he wasn’t. he generally shows up to confiscate the teleporter you got in the lab if you do that. 

 Think he did, and I followed him before I talked to Mirand a.  Let me recreate.

1: take test one

2: teleport back (it goes wrong!)

3: get teleporter from skelly

4: jack takes first one.

5: teleport again.

6: hi jack, 

7: get pills from jack’s cabinet

But I don’t know why I got them.

That's all expected behavior. You got them because you're a sneaky jerk who swipes stuff from people's cabinets :)