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Wonderful work!

I made one kinda along these lines once

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Thanks to everyone who has played and posted, I hear your concerns, but I assure you that this is in fact the original 1989 adventure game classic that you remember. Some of the archivists that I consulted with have suggested that the experimental mutliplayer option that Amplexxus added towards the end of the game's distribution run might have something to do with the discrepancies you have pointed out. Another expert I spoke to suggested that the game as designed was never meant to be played so much later than its release date, leaving it in an altered state. Regardless, Thank you all for sharing your memories.

Loved this from class, I like to imagine what the other characters would be and what the whole game would be like

Great work, Ivy!!

Oh, we're prepared for that, I believe. 

Try it now, it was fixed in the last update. 

There’s a quit to menu option in the gear icon in the upper left.

To exit the app, command Q or close the window in windowed mode.

First  I’ve heard of it. Does it give an error? Ive been resisting installing the beta because I figured it’d break our ability to make builds.

iPad testflight is uploading now, I have to redownload Xcode 9 to put out the mac version. I think Episode one updates should be every few weeks, but the stuff needed to get episode 2 ready is a little more complicated.

Hey! We figured out why folks are having problems reading Miranda’s mind. A couple of important bits are broken. Fixing now!

Jack should have come to the lab even if you took that detour, so I’m interested to see why he wasn’t. he generally shows up to confiscate the teleporter you got in the lab if you do that. 

either way it might not have given good feedback or something. Those are jacks pills and I think they raise cross. 

Welcome to this thingy. Please read the Community Guidelines and be cool. 

I'm sorry it took so long to get an alpha version out for people to test. Xcode has not, historically, been our friend. Yes, we've thought about switching to Unity. I think we are pretty sunk-cost locked into Xcode for this game but I could see doing a sequel in Unity with a wider distribution target. I've also been thinking it would be really cool to be able to draw normal maps for the sprites and backgrounds we have to do active lighting effects *sigh*.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first little bit of the game. 


we can be ping pals.