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Recombinator bug

A topic by Wiley Wiggins created Jun 02, 2019 Views: 197 Replies: 4
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Hey! We figured out why folks are having problems reading Miranda’s mind. A couple of important bits are broken. Fixing now!

cool!  I was just wondering if you guys had a cadence in mind for releases.


This is fixed in the repository -- there's one bug with the recombinator and another bug with Orgone properties when consuming an item.
Wiley is planning to post an updated version of the game, soon.

Hopefully also the darkmapLab  and the mislabeled mission step 6 (says 5 again in the case statement and is unreachable (hopefully I already reported that one)).


iPad testflight is uploading now, I have to redownload Xcode 9 to put out the mac version. I think Episode one updates should be every few weeks, but the stuff needed to get episode 2 ready is a little more complicated.