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A topic by Mad Carew created May 02, 2019 Views: 375 Replies: 14
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going to put individual items in replies to this topic, so you all don't get crossed up about what's what

iPad Pro 2nd gen, 1st build

Stuck at origin(?)

Symptoms are that I can click on anything, but DeeDee can't walk to it so she doesn't engage with it.  With people, the talk menu doesn't come up. 

Best guess is that I tried to talk to a moving person near the door, but I haven't reduced the test case.

Also, sorry the screenshot is so big.  I'll try to make them smaller.

In screenshot above, item box from another screen followed me through three or four screens.  I will also work on recreating this.

This happens when you open the brainwave drawer and the brainwave machine at the same time. 

Also, I didn’t realize there was a drawer, until the tape didn’t play. 

Again, not sure the cause, but I attempted to give chunions to the itchy girl at the front (back?) of the ship, and I ended up walking into the recombination machine room without actually tapping anything to do it.  That's a "not every time" behavior.

Mission to teleport stays on the "mission" button after I have successfully teleported.

Everything (tapes, chunions, hyper nodes, etc) all say that "Life Functions Detected", which seems odd.

I took a thing of pills (because, hey, I'm apparently reckless), and there was no change in my stats or any other evidence that I'd done anything.


Possible spoiler


On this one, where did you get the pills, from Jack or from a student?

Hmm.  Checking history... (yay, history!)

It was called Hypnocyclotrol-9, I don’t remember where I got it, and I may be wrong about it doing nothing.

It definitely was o 200, star -100, waves 800, plus 800

I was 160, 350, 430, 420 before taking it and 360, 350, 430, 420 afterwards. 

That could be unrelated, but that’s the data I have. 


either way it might not have given good feedback or something. Those are jacks pills and I think they raise cross. 

Cant exit the game (macOS), no where to quit from actual game


There’s a quit to menu option in the gear icon in the upper left.

To exit the app, command Q or close the window in windowed mode.

Recombinated 3 chunions.  Didn't get anything back.  Had to get more chunions. :)


Try it now, it was fixed in the last update.