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Beta 1.11 observations

A topic by Mad Carew created Sep 08, 2020 Views: 149 Replies: 2
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0: Welcome back!  I missed y'all.  

1: Woo!  Runs on Big Sur.  Thank you.

2: If you give the Space-PETA cadet your papers, it jumps straight to the reactor meltdown, but the mission doesn't update and the timed issues get odd.  For instance, you get the Tim and Jack fight w/ only one of them present and it should be bypassed anyway. 

3: I was able to take Jack's pills and get past Miranda.  But!  The mission didn't update, and every time I spoke to her or read her mind after that, she still was on the zener card.  She probably should have speech/thoughts about the upcoming mass mummification.

4: I had trouble with the reactor task.  Sometimes it wouldn't let me put the diode in the left reactor.  Other times it did, but that never made a difference.  

5: I don't know what I was supposed to do to finish the episode.  Not sure how to separate the squidgy thing.  I put it in the containment field thing (outside the reactor room) and there was no effect.

6: I expected that when I removed the diode from the containment field thing, there'd be some kind of countdown to a giant explosion, and that I'd have to be clever (with the teleport/teleport target thing) to get there fast enough to not kill us all.

If you give Miranda the Squidgy or the diodes, they disappear.  She won't take chunions for them.

If you put chunions in containment dingus and then take them out, you get the same message as if you'd taken out the fuse.