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goodbye  :D

There was one big difference between those. Yes delete i

Hello, I am a programmer and made this game:

But I want some 3D artist to make more maps for me, so I would have more time to focus on programming, and making it faster/better looking.

CHANGE: I am planning to release this for money, so we could split the profit. The money you will get will depend on number and quality of maps you will make. More info on:

Thats great! :D Sure I would still need a designer. But I have just spend 15 minutes by setting up Discord and trying to find where are PMs and how to find you there, and I refuse to rage anymore so we will do it this way - write me e-mail on:

Thx for offer but I am making my own engine, which is far more fun and satysfying than use engine made by someone else. I will not join, I was more thinking about somebody joining me :) Good luck with your project.

Yea but only those rpgs that are straightforward (like Diablo2 lets say :D)

Hello, title pretty much says it! I play only fast games, that doesnt need the player to get into them too slowly - FPSs, puzzles, arcades. For a 1 hour letsplay of my game Raw Amethyst I will give you a 1 hour letsplay of your game. Must be running on Windows.

Hello, I am Macin and I am a programmer. I have finished a puzzle game for start, but always wanted to make FPSs. Now I have pretty much done first FPS engine but it looks 97-ish, so now I am dreaming about making my games look better and better! I am no hater of Unity, but its a lot more fun to program the engine myself, even if it takes more time. I can also design something if needed - I am sometimes 3D modelling and recently found out how to make nice textures. But my 3D modelling is grinding and slow and I like programming a lot more. So far I make games as a hobby, but I hope to get more famous later :D

Plum: Hello, you look like kind of guy Im looking for now. I need a 3D designer for FPS game, reply if interested :)

Hello! I am a programmer and I am looking for a designer!

My game "Set the World on Fire!" is classic FPS, similar to Quake. So far I have done the engine and everything is working! Take a look:

As you see, I am not much of a designer. Thats why I want other guy. Main reason is 3D modelling of maps. I am looking for somebody who is able to spit a lot of challenge-oriented maps in short time. You must be able to make maps that look minimally as good as the one shown in video (should be no problem for you, cause certainly that one is no masterpiece), but since the shown one is first, the other would be usually 2x-3x bigger. I will accept anyone. After you will reply there, we will talk about technical stuff.

Also, before there would be some misunderstanding: THIS IS A HOBBY PROJECT. YOU WILL GET NO MONEY FOR IT.

OK, it was pretty naive to think that renaming Raw Amethyst to Blue Whale will give me hype cause of recent Blue Whale controversy. At least I know this is not the way. Anyway I was hyping myself to let people know about me - 3 forums, personal Facebook, and one FB share from my bro. People reacted by likes but only one download came after all this. Here ends all my sources. On my connected Set the World on Fire vlog there came 58 views in 2 days, from which like 15 I clicked myself while checking. Weak, but after reading some comments, likes, and talking about my games with friends I have better contact with reality now. Even if they labeled Set the World as "really retro", "probably nobody will want to play this", what else should I do? On the up there is a long way! I must get myself out of retro-zone, but sadly Set the World on Fire engine will remain pretty much like it is till the beta release. The engine improvements will come AFTER beta. Now lets go strictly by the plan!

Occasional crash after save finally fixed. There was missing break in a switch :D. That means that I consider Raw Amethyst bug-less until someone will discover next bug. I updated Raw Amethyst with the fix - download version 0.5! Before I will move on to Set the World on Fire, I must do one clickbait experiment that will maybe increase my views and I must do it the sooner, the better. Cause honestly - I have seen worse games than Raw Amethyst having far more popularity, so I want a slice too!

Gameplay of alpha so far:

I hope I dont have to post screenz, when I already have video there :D would be illogical.

This will be totally classic FPS, that plays like first Doom. Its not made in any commercial engine, the engine is my own. Even if the goal was not to make it retro, I would call it one because the way it was done - just C++ and OpenGL, and not using shaders cause of compatibility with Intel graphics. Technically its approximately on Quake1 level = 3D models and static lighting.

Beta version will have 3 maps in singleplayer and one deathmatch and will be there on 1.7.2017. Deathmatch is designed so far just for LAN. From those 4 maps 2 are done. It is 14.4 when I write this, so there is 77 days remaining to beta.

Goals to beta:

maps (2/4 done)

menu design

weapon animations

intermission screen

map selection on multiplayer

new type of enemy (at least 1)

music for 3 maps, intermission, and menu/ending

fix problem with some sounds being too loud and some too quiet

fix occassional save/load crash (when???, also this happens even in Raw Amethyst, my previous game - need to upload fix here too)

Additional goals:

deathmatch on LAN (=multiplayer with prediction on client)

dynamic lighting (already there, just make it fast)

ragdoll physics (this one is tough!)

multithreading (already there, a lot of synchronization problems! even if every object has locks, take a look later)

Also, there is alternate scenario, that I will find a designer. I doubt anybody will want to join, but if yes, it would be great! Then the most time-consuming (at least for me) task = mapping, would be eliminated. I am slow in C4D - not totally new in it, but I dont doubt that a real desinger would do in 1 day what I do in a month here.