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[Designer] Looking for 3D designer!!!

A topic by Macin created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 158
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Hello! I am a programmer and I am looking for a designer!

My game "Set the World on Fire!" is classic FPS, similar to Quake. So far I have done the engine and everything is working! Take a look:

As you see, I am not much of a designer. Thats why I want other guy. Main reason is 3D modelling of maps. I am looking for somebody who is able to spit a lot of challenge-oriented maps in short time. You must be able to make maps that look minimally as good as the one shown in video (should be no problem for you, cause certainly that one is no masterpiece), but since the shown one is first, the other would be usually 2x-3x bigger. I will accept anyone. After you will reply there, we will talk about technical stuff.

Also, before there would be some misunderstanding: THIS IS A HOBBY PROJECT. YOU WILL GET NO MONEY FOR IT.