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hi thank you very much for the encouraging feedback. It has been hard to gauge the fine line between  a game being intentionally difficult and just plain frustrating but that's why player feedback is important!  I thought about setting the win to 3 deaths but then I  went with 0, so maybe a little unforgiving considering the lava chase mechanic may not be set up quite right.   Thanks for the kind words and i will also check out your games!

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This is a fun game.I enjoyed like the strategy in the planning phase when scoping out the targets. could use some slower pace as the shots play out, its all over a bit quickly sometimes for the player to be able to see what they missed. its a good style, love the tech cowboy saloon theme!

fruit extrude through cart make juicy mess on floor

Really love the card selection turn based idea, and could you speed up the UI with point and click selection? iv been playing a lot of slay the spire lately and would love to see that type of UI improve the flow of this game design! great work!