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Great job at creating a vibrant retro feeling with the limited color palette and grainy digitized sounds, really reminds me of the original home computers. The game is very detailed and a lot of effort has gone into creating a vibrant experience. Although the core of the game is the hacking puzzles, the story and feeling of the game world you have created is the standout and makes it quite a memorable play through. Cool game and Good work!

That was a genuinely creepy experience. Everything about it made me feel uneasy. I felt like my information was being harvested for some sinister purpose and would soon be used against me. I found myself responding to the questions truthfully out of fear of what might happen if I didn't. The aesthetic and sound design were suitably simple and evocative. I was definitely compelled to keep clicking to see where this would all lead. So, overall great job on creating an effective horror experience. Awesome!!

Who doesn't love a bit of snake?! Fun game, and very clever re-imagining of a classic game from the point of view of the ball (apple?) I love this kind of creativity when you take a game concept that everyone knows, and let the player take control of a different object in the game. well done!

Really nice variation on Minesweeper! The sound design was fun and the clown theme was very effective. I liked the way the numbers gradually spread out when you click a square, along with the sound build up, it added a great sense of tension. Well done!

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Hey thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed the humour and I certainly had a lot of fun making the game. The suggestions you have made are appreciated and as the project progresses I will work through the full screen issue as well as implement the few details you have mentioned :) Thank you!

It was nice to spend some time under the sea with the relaxing music and atmosphere but I have some regrets about smashing all those jellyfish with a bouncing 8-Ball. The controls felt responsive and the bubble effect is cool to see and gives a feeling of momentum to the ball. combo multipliers is a nice feature too. good job!

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Very good game! the art style and feel of the game is just fantastic! the top down graphics of the interiors including the room transitions are very well done. the sound and music is a perfect fit and all combined to match the aesthetic of the early zelda games! The story and character design are charming and i cant wait to see this game reach its full potential. Nice job!

Good game! I found this game hard but I see that is the intention as you have pointed out, I think people who enjoy challenging and punishing games will enjoy this one. visually the theme captures that feeling of hopelessness I felt along the way so well done on creating a thoughtful game world. Overall great job.!

Interesting puzzle game! the challenges are well thought out, enough that it took quite a few tries sometimes to find a solution but never got to the stage of being frustrating. Also the art style and music is pleasant and soothing. Nice work!

Cool game! the shooting felt fast and satisfying and the increasing difficulty of enemies was well thought out. being able to gradually make the player more powerful by letting them choose the rewards was a nice touch! Fun to play!

Haunting visuals and very dark mood. A lot of potential here for a really good game when its completed! The story and writing is very well done and the art style is suitably grim. Its super creepy how the player character is always looking back at you while he is running through the woods. Excited to see where this project goes in the future!

Great concept with a lot of potential! The controls and leveling system are good and it was fun to throw down boxes and be able to break them again also. I would be very interested to see this game when its fully developed, Keep up the good work!

Great! Haha Sounds like you really got a sense of the theme I was trying to convey, so thank you!

I definitely look forward spending (a lot) more time working on the project to implement more control options and streamlining a few things in regard to UI and the players experience. It will be awesome to complete development of the game eventually and to tell the story in full!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Glad you had fun playing my game! Its great to get this kind feedback from other players, especially other players with game dev experience who are producing high quality and polished games. Its too easy to get used to a games controls and UI when you spend so much time inside it while developing, so its really important to get different perspectives. Much appreciated! :)

That was weird, but like, in a good way haha. I never considered what it would feel like to be a Piñata. The good thing would be that you would always be the life of the party! :)

Had fun with this! Seeing all the chickens just standing around waiting for a turn to die is hilarious. They don't have a clue whats going on! The slow-down effect is really good, gives you a chance to get away in time. very good!

Fun game!

Fun game! love the artwork and a lot of effort has gone into the variety and AI of enemies too.The different player characters were fun to try out. very well designed, Good job!

Very well made game! As huge fan of the Lunar Lander arcade game, I had a lot of fun with this! The look and feel of the game is very good and the parallax caves add so much depth. I loved seeing all the smashed up modules from my previous failures littering the level. the obstacles are challenging but it feels great when you just scrape in a land it with the last of your fuel. great game!

Fun platformer game!  Nice work on the retro graphics and 8-bit style! Love the instant restart it really keeps the momentum flowing. good game!

Wow I have never been so afraid of a red circle! Well done on creating that intense feeling of moving around and trying not to get spotted. good job!

Nice game! Simple game mechanic of single click to move player is good. level design makes game difficult to progress, but really neat concept! 

Cool! Thank you for playing my game!

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Love the limited color palette yet the pixel graphics are beautifully detailed! really feels like you are a cog in a giant robot machine! puzzles are fun and the overall feel of the game is just wonderful. Good game!

Very simple and cute visuals! the flowers on the roadside make me happy! Difficult but fun, I will play again to get better times. good game!

Nice action game! the colors and look + the soundtrack are vibrant yet somehow dark at the same time, creating a spooky high tech atmosphere! good job!

This is slick presentation that is soothing to play. the subtle visuals and soundtrack are very atmospheric. good game!

The goblet got the best of me. I will keep feeding the goblet and I hope you keep working to make your game even better! good job.

FUN Game! The pixel art is the most stand out feature for sure. It's a vibrant and colorful world you have created. I could imagine spending hours questing and gathering loot in Pixelworld. look forward to seeing more progress on development!

Great work! It's so refreshing to see a game with a positive message about trying to care about the environment! the hand drawn artwork is pleasent too.

It was nice sending all of my lovies. sweet and cute! <3

Nice space shooter! Slick graphics and clean presentation. Had fun playing Thanks!

Great work! had fun playing. The way the player moves around is cool, and sliding was challenging not to fall over the edge.

Really liked the art style and feel of the world you have created! keep up the good work!

Had fun with this! Smashing stuff is so satisfying! I can imagine this would look sweet in a big arcade cabinet, I can picture it now. Art style looks great and the ending was a real surprise!

Thank you for enjoying the demo!

A lot of effort has gone into coding the systems, so your positive feedback is much appreciated!

To answer your question, you could probably play around with the demo for half an hour or more before you unlock all the weapons. This demo is only a small part of the playable world and in the full release the pace of progression and unlockable rewards will be more suited to the length of a full game and the extended story.

 Hi, thank you for trying the Demo! Thanks for the positive feedback!

Thanks for playing the Demo! There is so much content and material that has been created to be put into the full game.  I can't wait to get it to a completed game to be able share the full story and for you to meet all the characters!