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Luna Witcher

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Yeah, I should have looked a little more for a better font lol
We forgot to specify as well that only the letters would be used. But hey, experience for next time. Thanks for the comment!

I love the minimalism and the music, and as a person with anxiety I identified with the enemies AI lol
Great game!

Amazing that you did everything by yourself! Also props for not making the audio earapingly loud in unity lol
everything seems to work, and that's more than I can say about my game, so congrats!

With a little more work, this game could be super fun. I just don't think "Out Of Control" is the perfect theme for this concept. Other than that, I loved the presentation. I just wish I had a liiiittle more input.

The artwork is the most unique part of this. Loved the music. But there wasn't really much... Game here. Maybe 2 or 3 hazards in the road, a health meter for the miners or some other thing to manage could have improved the gameplay. I hope to see more in the future!

Interesting artwork, but I didn't feel like I was making any progress. Maybe that was the intention, idk.

Much jenk very laugh //jk
I had way too much fun throwing melons at my chickens.

Very simple game. The movements could have been more responsive, so I could guide the random jumps. Keep practicing!

Didn't use the slow mo, just died a lot, but I had fun the whole time! Having to dodge your bullets as well as the enemies feels like a digital game of dodgeball lol Also the visuals look awesome! The only improvement I felt was necessary as a better transition between levels. But great work nonetheless!

God, I LOVE THE CONCEPT! Being able to throw around a car like that while trying to avoid buildings is an amazing idea! The only thing I wanted was a health bar for my car. But other than that, amazing! Keep up the good work!

This is a very unique idea. I just wish it was better executed.

I loved this! Definitely chaotic, but really fun!

Took me a while to get the hang of it, but I couldn't finish all the missions. I guess I suck at subtly controlling something lol But I really liked the sprites and the idea! Feels like it could evolve into a nice mobile game.

This was super cute! But not being able to move over the rotted plants really threw me off, it would have been more manageable if I could walk over them whenever. But I love the idea and the execution!

Very interesting! I can see you had a vision for the game, you just need a little more practice with the execution. Keep on creating!

I thoroughly loved this game. Even if you guys used pre-existing art and audio, the execution of the premise is amazing and the gameplay is really unique and fun! This would be an amazing mobile game!

I really loved this idea!  Too bad I threw Player 1 out of bounds and he started teleporting around lol

This is really what the internet feels like sometimes huh
charming art!

I found it funny that I could jump with K and Spacebar lol overall nice little game! The music just felt very monotonous. 

This was amazing. I loved everything.

Thank you very much! Our programmer nearly died to make it work lol jk

Loved the art! I just wished the hitbox of the platforms wouldn't get me stuck whenever I fell all the way down.

I really wanted to play a game called Orchaostra. Amazing play on words. Better luck next time with the overscoping!

I really liked this! Very unique concept, and I think you nailed it! Keep making games!

The idea is pretty fun! I just wished the timer on the clients was a liiittle more forgiving. but this was pretty nice overall!

I'm sorry, I have absolutely no idea what this was supposed to be.

If this was made with Unity, you probably need the whole folder of the build to run it, not just the .exe application. Without it I can't download this, my computer will think this is malware.

I don't think you understand. I can't move to pick the flower up after a bad mushroom because I die immediately. But thanks for replying!

I like the art! The timer on top was great for feedback. I just wished the gun could reach further.

I mean, at least it was funny as hell.

I like the visual style, I just wished the background wasn't so white. Also, I had no idea what was happening, or what I was or wasn't controlling, or what was a hazard or not. Take that as you will.

This is a SUPER COOL idea!!! I hope you can develop it further, a fully-fledged game with this premise could be insane!

Though to get the hang of, but really fun! One of those games you can really see being expanded on.

Beautiful game, but the song is too repetitive. That, along with the frustrating hitboxes, was very annoying.

Amazing presentation, and great audio feedback! Also very frustrating lol

I wanted to play this game, but there is no screenshot, no thumbnail and the game was detected as a virus in my computer. Sorry, not this time.

Ok, I know not having music is the gimmick, but it would have really benefited this game. Other than that, I love the idea and the execution! This would be the perfect game to expand upon!

Everything seems to work, but I couldn't beat the game.  The flowers did nothing against the bad mushrooms. Besides that, I really like your level design! Very intuitive.

O tema é Reencarnação!

O tema foi divulgado no grupo e eu não tive tempo de postar aqui, perdão!