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Windows port now properly displayed as Windows port.

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as far as I'm concerned it is a game about PTSD - and it portrays it through simple aesthetics, without glorifying it, nor over-complicates it; very poignant and (in my opinion) slightly macabre - a brilliant game, like no other.

Google Play port [available now]

very enjoyable demo, intuitive controls, good hit-boxes, nice soothing music in the background, clean artwork and a neat concept - looking forward to see how this progresses!

thank you very much, I do appreciate you taking your time to implement that feature; you would be surprised how many people find it 'too much of a hassle', thus limiting their audience, based on their own personal preference of control-scheme - something which hasn't occurred until recently, which is a crying shame, since (to my knowledge) there's a lot of us old gamers out there who do prefer inverted (due to growing up with early flight-sims, etc.)
once again, I appreciate you taking the extra time, going the extra mile

as always, I am very interested in games such as this and as always I am willing to contribute monetarily, especially to small indie-developers, but.... as always the simple parameter of "Invert Mouse" has not been implemented and as such there is no way for me to enjoy this game, either.... 

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why is it that all FPS's seem to 'forget' to add invert mouse  to their options/settings? A clear missed opportunity for a game such as this, but I'll reserve judgement until it has been added and I am able to play it. Looks promising and I'm looking forward to future updates.

Wonderful! the ramps and the gates adds 'that little extra' to the entire experience - and the AI is competent enough that this has a high replay value. Congratulations on another successful release. =)

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Nice blend of Bubble Bobble, Bomberman, Bomb Jack, Hektik, Nebulus and a few others. You managed to pull of an interesting concept, without too many hick-ups. Very enjoyable. =)

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Looks sweet!
Glad to hear that you won a competition with this entry - it truly is a shining example of top-down racing done *right*
Looking forward to the new A.I. and tracks! I hope that you keep making games; you have some of the best audiovisual design game-wise, currently out there (in my opinion), coupled with a fundamental understanding of game-mechanics and level-design, (from what I've experienced so far in Microsprint, Polymaniacs and now Van Tourisimo) and it just makes me happy, every time I boot up and play one of your games.

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yet another quality title; any chance of further expanding upon this [engine], or similar iterations? (I'm thinking Skidmarks/ATR: All Terrain Racing/Supercars 2 'esque-type of racing-titles?)

either which way, your racing-games are the best out there on the market, if you ask me - and I'm as excited every time I boot up any of 'em - not just for the sense of nostalgia; but because these are fun games to play, for however long time I may have to spare at the moment.

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I'm spending way more time with this than it should reasonably be able to justify with the amount of content. Love it.

I play on 'awkward' resolutions (720x480, 800x600 and 1024x768), since I have all my games hooked up to my CRT TV and unfortunatey I am unable to press the 'start' button, something which I assume is related to said resolutions? Any fix available, or do I need to switch to a higher-resolution monitor?

this has been an issue long enough
the app/dashboard/launcher ( for Windows) keeps deleting my savegames every once in a while (all of them, for all my games) and now all of the sudden I have games which I have paid good money for (Stephen Goodwins 'Polymaniacs') showing up as 'demo' versions?

I have had issues with my account for about a year, but it is getting serious now, since I have spent quite a great deal of money on games here over the past couple of years

now what?

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thank you very much - awesome game, now that I am able to aim proper. I hope that you succeed in funding (I've pledged $10, thus far - and am trying to spread the news of this game; absolutely love it.)

I would love to support this, but I cannot play without inverted mouse.

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oversight on my part; now it seems the Xbox360 "START" works fine (Button 8) - might have been due to controller-conflict, since I had two hooked up at once? either way, it seems to work perfectly fine now

now everything, except the "START" button works (i.e. can't bind any controls to "START" on the Xbox360 controller), but at least there's no issue binding the Analogue-sticks =)

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well, unfortunately it's still says "- ROLL AXIS", everytime that I try to reconfigure the analogue-sticks, but now also the START-button (i.e. "PAUSE") doesn't work on the controller... or rather I am able to select it perfectly fine in the menu and it acknowledges thus; but in-game it has seized to function...

I'm running Windows 7 x64, with an Xbox360 Original controller, wired - btw.

Also trying with PS3 w/ USB and Bluetooth

:edit re-binding "PAUSE" to any other button, except for "START" on the Xbox360 controller made it work

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Anyone remembering Slot car racing from their youth will instantly recognize the simplicity of pushing down on a button to watch a car race down a track.
Microsprint is that, combined with the top-down view and tracks reminiscent of Super Sprint (from Atari) and similar games, just much more refined and greater variety.
On top of an already great A.I. - there is also the option to play with up to 7 other people on one computer/screen - and due to the zoomed out nature of the tracks, there is never any issue of keeping track of your car.
The fast-paced gameplay and arcade-y roots makes this game quick to pick up, easy to learn and it doesn't 'get boring', in the sense that many other racing-games tend to.
A race doesn't have to take more than a minute, or two - and you can always just put it down and go do something else, without the sensation that you have 'lost' any time, nor does it ever feel as if though you've been 'cheated' by your opponents.

Between each race you get to customize your car's wing-angle (top-speed/ability to take corners) and how many pit-stops (if any) needed be done during that race, apart from that, it's all about learning how to maneuver using just that one button on your controller.
It may seem simple at first, but there is a great layer of strategy bundled into this game and since there's a scoreboard keeping track of your (or your peers) records, there's always that feeling that you can shave off a couple of milli-seconds on each track, always trying to outbest yourself (and/or your peers)
The graphics and sound-design are simple, yet very pleasing and never distracts you from the experience, but rather everything falls seamlessly together in a non-intrusive audio-visual experience that doesn't require any more than what is presented to you.

This is a game suitable, literally for all ages and kinds of people, 'gamers' or not and it is an experience that will last you a long time