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why is it that all FPS's seem to 'forget' to add invert mouse  to their options/settings? A clear missed opportunity for a game such as this, but I'll reserve judgement until it has been added and I am able to play it. Looks promising and I'm looking forward to future updates.

who uses invert mouse in 2018 and why

For people who grew up with flight sims, inverted mouse is a more natural way of controlling the view. It makes sense, too. Imagine the mouse is the top of your head. You pull your head back (down) to look up and push it forward to look down.  /Shrug - it's mostly an old-timer thing, myself included .

oh alright my dude, to each their own!!!

I have a friend who is the exact same way, he can never understand how I can switch seamlessly between the two.  As soon as I am flying in a game it's reversed, on foot it's back to normal, but as was each their own.

hey im not an old timer, haha, but im not a kid too, and yeah i know what you mean, i use reverse too, sounds more natural to your prespective of natural raction