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I knew you had to make it, with software, just curious about recording sounds, but thanks for the response.  I have never done my own audio...should be interesting.

Can I record my own audio?

well with that response I am expecting an interesting theme haha.

First Jam!! Getting hyped :)

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Well I look forward to it, I'm usually more of a pixel art fan, but these rendered models are very nice and detailed.  I would love to see an entire town with this theme.  Only if I was rich haha, I will get back to making my game, who knows ;).

I have a friend who is the exact same way, he can never understand how I can switch seamlessly between the two.  As soon as I am flying in a game it's reversed, on foot it's back to normal, but as was each their own.

These are very nice, are you considering doing more?  If so how much would each building be worth, the detail is quite high, so I am assuming there is a few hours in there?