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PlayJam 5 community · Created a new topic Good luck all!

Oh man I feel like every time there's a Playdate jam the timing is always off for me. I'll be traveling for a wedding during the jam but still want to try and maybe get a submission in. Either way just wanted to say I'm excited to see what you all come up with and good luck! 

And to you as well! Cheers! :D

It's done using CSS. But it looks like you have to request access to use custom CSS from  

Thank you and thats a totally valid critique! With more time I would have liked to polished up some more, but sadly I ran out of time. 

:D you can go down the ladders. Pressing down, when you're right above it. Though there is some platforms that don't let you pass through them, and in those cases the ropes are more meant to be used to cross, Donkey Kong country style lol. Thanks for playing!

Wow, you weren't kidding about the difficulty. :D I really dig the lightening effects, very nicely done!

:D Thanks for giving it a try! I will definitely check out your game too. 

This game was really cute! I will let my kids (ages 2 & 5) try this out :) The BGM did get a little repetitive after a while though.

Wow, really nicely done! I also struggled with the ghost enemies. But even though I died, it loaded a checkpoint so I didn't have to lose all my progress (thank you for that!) Controls were a little tricky getting used to, but the sound, graphics, and all that were on point.

This was fun! The cheerios train kept getting me lol. I got some Undertale vibes from this and that was awesome.

Really cool concept! I also fell >.< I think having a checkpoint system  or portal that takes you back to the last place you picked up an instrument from  (maybe it's already there I just didn't get far enough?). 

I'll definitely be coming back to try again. 

Needed moar cowbell :D 

I struggled  a lot with finding a theme/idea that I thought I could reasonably do in within the timeline. SinceI work F/T and have kids on the younger side (2 & 5) so I knew I wouldn't have as much time I would like having really only nights and weekends available. But it's still fun to take on a new challenge and see what comes out of it! I'm glad I was able to finish... bugs and all lol. Besides that it was mostly learning the Gdevelop while trying to make something fun at the same time.

LOL that would have been great name! :D Thanks for the feedback, yeah I have a bug somewhere in the level generation where it's causing sets to overlap. But I didn't get a chance to find the bug and fix it. 

Wow, thank you for trying so many times! Yeah it really sucks that the page moves when using arrow keys, and that I forgot to map the WASD keys to movement. 

The only way around that now is to play in fullscreen unfortunately. 

The ropes can indeed be climbed with the up arrow. If you're willing to try again (and I completely understand if you're not)  try clicking on the game (bringing focus to it essentially ). The page will probably still move, but at least you should have full controls in the game. Or try fullscreen.

Yeah the slow running was a design choice. I understood that not everyone will like that, but I wanted it to feel like you're in one of those dream/nightmare where you move in almost slow motion; but too slow would be boring, and too fast would feel generic IMO. It's supposed to feel awkward though. 

Anyways, thanks again for playing, Cheers!

I think you were on to something great, probably just needed more time, as is usually the case with most game jams.  I encountered the crashing bug. But because the text advances so slowly I admit I was not willing to try again, sorry 😔. 

:D Thank you very much!!

cool game! I found three keypad code parts, but I struggled with the pitch black areas :( 

I also had the issue a few others had where the boss spawned on my head. It would've been cool to see some action on the long walk up to the boss. Give the player a chance to try out the mechanics of the game :) cheers!

Took a few tries but finally made it out! I really liked the animations of the demons/creatures. 

I saw your game early on in the submissions, and I wanted to say that your game helped inspire me to check out the particles system for my game which I also made with gdevelop. Which I probably would've skipped over entirely otherwise. Cheers!

WTH, Short and simple :D I enjoyed it.  Though I would've like more variety but I totally understand. If you get a chance check out the game I made, also using gdevelop.

Interesting game! I found the controls a little confusing, and had to reload the page a few times to get back to the main instructions screen. I also jumped off the ship at the very beginning and ended up in Davy Jone's locker lol oops

(1 edit)

Holy crap, I loved your game! Not scary, but it's super polished and fun. Attack was a little difficult on my laptop trackpad but I still had fun. Lighting, sounds, design... it all works. And the pun of the moldy bread rising (again) haha nice job! 

Thanks for playing. Yeah I kinda wanted it to feel like a dream/nightmare, so the run and jump are just a tad slower & lower than you might expect.

:D Thank you!

Considering there's only 8 submissions, just that you managed to finish on time with all that you had going on is commendable! I downloaded your game and played it twice but I lost both times lol (is that the intended outcome?). The story was ok though a little confusing.  It was hard to tell at some points who the speech bubbles belonged to. But I liked that you some interactivity but I think a little music or sfx would have been cool :) cheers!

The download didn't work for me. It throws this error and never runs unfortunately.

" Preparing images...

TypeError: Cannot read property 'tilesets' of null"

I'm on a Mac so not sure if that's why, will try again later hopefully you get it worked out.  

juuuusst made it with about 20 minutes to spare. Unfortunately I didn't get to add as much polish as I would have liked. It was fun though :D 

It's crazy that there was over 50 submissions last time, and only 8 for this one.

Thank you! I agree, I really want to explore more mechanics to make this game funner and fairer. As it is right now these are essentially the core mechanics.

:D thank you so much for the kind words! I agree with you there are definitely some patterns and strategies that are available. For instance, if you attack a card pair but don't destroy it it will retaliate on the next turn, but only the card that was selected first so you can pick them in reverse order and get another shot in without retaliation. Also clearing out the lower-level creatures means there is no room for higher levels to scurry to. But I can see how this much RNG is not for everyone. 

I had so many plans for this game but had to set my goals to something achievable with the time I had. I wish I could have used up all 48 hours, but since I only really had evenings to dedicate to the game I did what I could. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, hope you'll check it out again once i've had more time to work out the kinks. Cheers!

Hey Corgibits! Thanks for playing my game yesterday, really insightful to see someone play test it. I missed it live but watched the VOD afterwards and the reason the game had no audio was that you had accidentally muted the tab :P right around the 00:47:34 timestamp. Cheers!

:D thanks for coming back to play some more! I like your idea for a bomb attack :)

lol sorry about not receiving any rewards on the bonus round, that's happened to me on several occasions too >.< it's definitely frustrating haha. Thanks for the feedback, all this information is so valuable since there's only so much time to playtest and develop while under a time crunch :)

Right now shield is pretty much extra hearts. I had planned to have the champion characters have a chance to bypass an enemies shield and chip away directly at their health. I plan to do more around this but it remained on the back burner due to time.

Nice! I liked that you added humor into it. If i could make a suggestion, I would prefer not to have to walk back to "DEAL" every time. Maybe swap the QUIT with another DEAL, and move quit to somewhere else? That way its equidistant from any seat.  Cheers!

Interesting game mechanics! Took me a bit to figure out how to "properly" use the humans (trying to avoid spoilers.) I think i found a bug on level 5 the creatures wouldn't cross the bridge so i was stuck.

Thanks for the kind words! I do plan on making updating and expanding this game further. Thanks for playing!

Interesting game! I think having "E" be planting/ harvesting might better. Not sure if i had missed the prompt or instructions but I accidentally stumbled on  how to plant/harvest by attacking an enemy.  But I also agree some ramping on difficulty and breaks in between waves would help. 

Holy Crab! lol really well done. Thank you for using an easily readable font. Picking up some heavy Undertale vibes (in a good way). 

This was fun! I think some more SFX would really help the immersion, as well as upgrading movement speed (maybe tied to the leveling system.) 

I think i enjoyed chucking coins way too much haha