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I will add it to my backlog, I just don't have the time at to moment to look at it sorry

The tools has made with Godot Engine and they support some more advanced font (chinese, Arabic). Made see how to setup a dynamic font for different languages but I never done such thing and don't know witch font could be the best since I don't know chinese. But, Here the souce code, maybe you could check how to edit the font of the app to support every language you want

Thanks for the feedback. For the "air" level, I added a "coyote time" feature to help improve the timing of the jump. But if you got any trouble, you also have a sprint key (shift by default), should be way easier like that

thanks I mainly focus on the character movement. It isn't perfect but will make a good base for a real fps controller

Stylized, fun and design! Just have a random conflict (certains on my side and one of my chrome extension) where the D key isn't working.  Maybe a alternative mapping to the arrow key could be great ? (And prevent conflict for keyboard that aren't QWERTY). 

Good works on creating this whole 3D scene. I will now have the background music in my head for the next few hours :P

Nice little concept you here. I was able to do 9 but after that there were too much rock. Great works

Thanks a lot. I wasted to much time on the wall running when I barely used it. It a little bit buggy I have now some fundations to make a bette fps controller

Hi thanks for the feedback! I sadly didn't have any more time to put some additional works on the game. Thanks for playing!

You did great for a first game with zero experience. Keep on keeping on :)

Cool and nice concept with great graphic. Just miss your score when you get the end screen

Short, cute, good concept. I really like it

Love the esthetic and the music. Good jump

The begin was pretty slow but I really when the hell unleash itself. I was able to do 127. Will try to beat that

I didn't get the game but the SFX are just incredible, It gave me a good laught

Nice small bullet hell with have here

Bullet with their own physic are great but an ending screen or one or two levels could have been great since I thourgh I didn't get all the enemies

Cute and the design is pretty much great! 

Nice job, the music is really cool. I just wish we could move the character a little bit faster and sometime the camera made me do some "leap of faith" and I just didn't know if I needed to jump or not. But good game !

Good pong clone with a 2 players options. Good job. Just have some issues where the gem was stuck on the right/left side on the collision zone.

Simple and fun, great use of particule node

Nope I wasn't able, I was stuck at the wall jump with the damage zone. I try multiple strategie but it seemed a little bit to much "pixel perfect" if you get what I mean

I laugh, so good game

Cool game, I was able to score 18, but I think you export the game in debug mode and not release. But cool concept, good execution!

Cute game with a responsive command. I really like the esthetic and the music. But I got stock at level 3 (before seing there is a walkthourgh to help me). Good job !

Hi! Just seems small issues coming from my github action that didn't rename the executable. But if you open the app > open a workspace > click on help > about, you should see that the dialogue on is on the last version v1.1.1. You can also download it with the app. Hope it helps

Yes it can be achieved by put it in the same scene of the UI of the health bar and change how the signal are connected.

Hi, I'm sorry I only speaks french and english but if google translate is right, you seems to ask about the cooldown? If so, there is Timer call cooldown, you can find it on the player scene. Hope it's help

An update has been created, feel free to tell me if you encounter this issue again

That's stange, I know that I have portability the force us to almost create a new workspace when switching from desktop to desktop. Not the best but I ain't got any other solutions to this time.

The workspace saves the route and assure that when an image is saved, the root is set locally "e.g. res://assets/portraits/Fox.png" should be saved and not "home/levrault/examples/assets/portraits/Fox.png". Is there a way that you could open an issue right here with your generate JSON file, workspace cfg file, and describe your env? I will do my best to fix this issue!

Ah! Good one, but play the same game on gdquest's Twitter feeds with some good acronym,

Low Effort dialogue editor
Light Engine dialogue editor
Light Evolutive Dialogue editor
Levrault's Egocentric Dialogue Editor

while it's just a French meme at the end ><

Sorry but I don't get the joke 😅 LE was a proposition by GDQuest to make it sound french and I liked the joke.

Hi, those are GraphNode, are in-engine Godot nodes. I just changed the theme to something more appealling. I will soon add a doc about the generate JSON that should be useful for every type of engine ;)

Cool game bro :P I think can even improve the difficulty a little bit, I have the must fun at level 9 but the 3 first levels get tired quickly when you died a lot

Hi, I didn't really develop the demo with browser in mind, so maybe I did something wrong even if the game is pretty light and run well on desktop. But it run fine in the last chromium and Firefox version on my side so it can be related to your environment maybe. 

Thanks for the tips! I never through about 32 bits system since I haven't any one installed to test the game on. I updated with the GLES 2 fallback.

Thanks I didn't think about it since 32 bits system seems to disappear. I added the 32 bits builds, I can't test it but I hope it will works without trouble

Hi, can you explain me what this you mean by the 32 bits version? If you talk about binaries, on what os should I export it?

My pleasure, I improve my Godot skills a lot since that demo but I think there still some goods examples in it. Hope you will enjoy your Godot journey!

feel free to add my free game for the special supporter collection made for my 5 years nephew